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I am a 29 yo female, light smoker, non drinker, non drug user, and I try to exercise as much as my little one will let me. Anyways, since about February I have been experiencing pain in my left shoulder, arm and jaw along with chest pressure and pain. Had a nuclear stress test done last year and it was unremarkable. Have been to gastro doc, neurologist, and rheumatologist to no avail. I do have GERD but GI doc said he doesn't think they are related. No one can seem to figure out what is wrong with me. I have been to 3 cardiologists in the past year, all agree it is not my heart....too young and my only risk factor is smoking.

Was at the cardio last week, started to get the pain in my left arm, they administered nitro to see if I possibly have coronary artery spasms, all the nitro did was give me a headache. Told me, it's not my heart and sent me on my way.

Since 3 pm today I have been having chest pressure with pain, nausea, jaw pain and left arm pain. I am scared that I am having a heart attack but it comes and goes. Lasts about 45 minutes then goes away for about an hour. I don't know what to do....just in the ER in March for a similar situation. They ran the usual heart attack tests and sent me home.

Does anyone thinks this warrants an ER trip or is this something else. I don't know really to turn at this point.
Sounds like symptoms i have been having for over 2 years. I have had the test and they all show my heart is fine. I have been to 3 cardiologist. I have the left arm pain, jaw pain, nausea, and random chest pain usually everyday off and on all day. I have made several trip to the ER and told the same thing its anxiety. I suffer from health anxiety and it all revolves around my heart. I take ativan as needed to help control it. Right now my left shoulder is really bothering me. I try to not think about it but it is usually on my mind 24/7 that there is something wrong with my heart and they are missing it. I definaly know how you feel.

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