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A friend of mine has had semi-regular bouts of vertigo/disorientation that she has since written off to bad circulation. In recent months she has begun to take a single baby aspirin everyday in hopes that it would increase her circulation and prevent these episodes.

So far she claims it helps, and that if she misses a day she can feel a difference. That may be the case, but is it safe to take such a drug, even in small doses, every day?

Thanks for your help!
She should get that checked out, it can be a sign of something more serious.

As for it being related to poor circulation - possibly. In my case gravity and an improper vasomotor response makes my blood pool in my legs and hands. That leaves less to get to my brain when standing. Aspirin won't help me, so it's possible that it's not really doing much to help her either. I also have low blood volume which contributes to low blood pressure.

In any case, a doctor visit is in order.
Thanks for the response. It's something she has lived with for the better part of her life. She also says that she has an uncle that suffers from the symptoms, indicative of it being something she is predisposed to through her family.

I admittedly don't know everything about the situation, but I do know that she has seen a doctor in the past to no avail. After the failure of any local doctors to determine a cause she has pretty much resigned herself to living with it. Thanks again, and I welcome any further insight.
Does she get dizzy/lightheaded when she stands up? Ever fainted or came close to fainting? And how does she feel if she has to stand in place for a while?

Has she seen a cardiologist or neurologist? Blood sugar thoroughly tested? Thyroid?

Lots of questions, I know. :)

I have low blood volume, low blood pressure, and neurocardiogenic syncope. It causes a lot of lightheadedness and other symptoms. My mother shows some symptoms and used to faint when she was younger.
Other conditions that can be hereditary and cause similar type symptoms is mitral valve prolapse.

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