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Last weekend, I started having waves of extreme weakness when I was working around the house. I would be washing dishes or cooking and I would have to stop for several minutes to rest. During these times, I would be short of breath, and I had some dizziness throughout the day as well. I didn't think too much about it, as I have a neurological condition which my doctors feel may be multiple sclerosis and fatigue is a major symptom. But this did seem different.

Night before last, I started feeling very dizzy again. Later that evening, I started having a burning pressure type of pain in the center of my chest and down my left arm. This pain went on for five or six hours, and I was very fatigued again. Just talking was exhausting. Since then, any exertion, even walking, brings on chest pain and shortness of breath. I feel better when I'm resting, though I still have some chest discomfort.

I didn't want to go to the emergency room because I've had problems in the past and went and sat there for hours and after being seen, was sent home and told to see my own doctor. I just didn't feel like going through that again.

Has anyone ever had anything like this?

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