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This has also been happening to me. I am 42years old. It has been happening on and off for 1yr. now. I would get the feeling of dying, that my heart had a serge or a huge jump or one sharp pound (hard to explain for me). I felt like I need to rush out of the bed to let someone know what was happening before I die. Then within 15seconds everything is back to normal. It would happen 1 or 2 times per night then stop for 1 or 2 months and come back. I do notice that it happens less when I try falling asleep on my stomach rather than my back, but still happens on my stomach. This month, it has returned but a little different. Now it seems to only happen when I fall asleep I get that feeling of Huge heart jump, or one big pound or my heart stoped.And just last night it happened about 7 times in a row over a 2hr period. I was scared to go to sleep. I did see a cardiologist for this and they don't find anything. I had an at home halter monitor for 1 month. Of course the syptoms barley happened to me at that time so the monitor picked up very little, just some takcardia (did I spell tht right?) Actually, the monitor did not pick up on that, I had to push the bottom so that the monitor can go back 45seconds and keep the recording 45seconds prior. That's when the doctor said I get some takcardia. My question was then why to I get the takcardia? What is causing that to happen? Was my brain sending an adrenaline rush to my heart? He did not seem to concerned about it and does not think it was from a heart condition. I also had all the test's, Echo, and even a stress test. I am scared that they are not picking up on something bad and underlying. I feel like I want to do a sleep study. I did do a sleep study once, but who can sleep from those studies? They have like one hundred wires hooked up to you. Well maybe if everyone keep's posting we will find out what this is. Good luck to everyone.

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