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Strong heart beat!
Apr 15, 2009
ok so for tehe last few months i have been able to feel my heartbeat through out my entire body, i can feel in it my feet. it makes my fingers twitch so that it is hard to keep writing straight. i'll be sitting in class taking notes and feel my chest move (as i my typing this the computer is resting on my stomach in is moving.) my resting pulse is always about 90 sometimes higher, adn wheen i run, its over 200 really fast. i get a headach when i wake up and it sticks with me the whole day! ffor the last week i have very littlee strength in my hands. im only 16, 5'11" and 125lbs i dont know why it is happing, but it is making me nevous, and i am afrain to go to tehe doctor, or for that matter tell my prents. help please!!!

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