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Hi everyone... I'm new here. I'm having some awful symptoms lately, and so far I am stumped. A little background: 24 year old female, 5'4", 125lb, active, mostly healthy. I have a job at a Dog Daycare that keeps me very active so I definitely get my share of exercise each day.

When I was 14, I was diagnosed with MVP, which would come and go with mostly mild symptoms, usually worse after heavy cardio workout... But for the most part it was quite manageable and normally would subside after a few hours or a day or two.

In the past 5 years, I've had a few random surgeries, such as having a broken ankle repaired and having my wisdom teeth out.

About 6 weeks ago I had emergency appendectomy... Appendix did not burst thankfully. My recovery from the surgery was fine, except I had horrible pain in both my arms where my IV's were. My right arm stopped hurting after just a few days, but my left arm was excruciating! I went to the doctor and got antibiotics and finished all 10 days of them, but at that point the arm still hurt a little. Finally, the left arm stopped hurting as well. Unfortunately, a few days later, the same arm started to hurt again, but in a different spot- initially the pain had been above my elbow, and now it was below my elbow. I went back to the doctor, and he had a doppler ultraslound done of my arm to see if there was a clot that might have moved. The ultrasound didnt show any clots, thankfully.

Jump to about 3 weeks after the surgery. Both arms finally feel ok, appendix scars are healing fine, I'm feeling normal again. This lasted only a week though.

2 weeks ago, the frist thing that happened was I began to feel nauseous randomly, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and it would come and go within minutes, usually with me feeling flushed when it happens.. Other than possibly being pregnant, I had no other reason to why this would be... I'll touch on the pregnancy thing later.

A few days after the nausea started, my Mitral valve symptoms flared up like I have never experienced them before. I had heart palpitations, shortness of breath, severe dizziness, fatigue, fast heartbeat, etc. similar to my normal MVP episodes... but 1000x worse... I had to call out of work because I felt so sick.

In addition to the worsened MVP symptoms, I'm still having the nausea, and my muscles are so weak that when I do go back to work, my leg muscles quiver, and almost tremor, when I'm trying to walk around working. The back of my calves, on both legs, feels like I've just run 50 miles...they are literally sore like after exercise, but no exercise has been done.

So for the last week and a half, I've been trying to go to work, and sleeping most of the rest of the time, with no relief from the symptoms. I went to a cardiologist yesterday, and they did an echocardiogram and just a few hours ago I finished my 24 hours on the Holter monitor. I go back Monday to get results.

On the subject of nausea being caused by pregnancy, I took a pregnancy test today and it was a major negative. I take birth control pills religiously, and my husband and i have only had sex 1 time in the last month, since I've been so sick! However, my period is about 2 days late... I may have a pregnancy test done at the Doctor's just to be sure but I have a strong feeling that I'm not pregnant, and that maybe the stress of being sick is keeping me from having my period.

Anyways, I'm just worried. I've never had symptoms like this and I wonder if it has something to do with the appendectomy, or maybe not. I've never felt this weak and sick and exhausted. I haven't had blood tests done since these new symptoms started, because I wanted to get right in to the cardiologist. Anyone have anything similar, or any advice??

Thanks everyone!

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