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EKG frequency
Sep 4, 2009
I'm wondering how often a person should have a routine EKG and/or stress test. I'm 34, male, have high blood pressure (medicated for the last two years), high cholesterol and occasional rapid heartbeats. I had an EKG several times in the first year that I was diagnosed with hypertension. The first EKG they said was borderline (they never told me what that means, if anyone can answer that I'd be appreciative too). About a year ago I had a stress test. They said it was normal, but I had extra heart beats (which they said was not a big deal). What I'm wondering is how often a person in my situation should have a routine EKG and/or stress test?? Should I have at least the EKG done annually??? I worry about my heart (especially when I have rapid heart beats and occasional chest pain and want to make sure it's especially healthy).

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