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I am an almost 34 years old woman. 3 months ago I gave birth to my second girl. Pregnancy was fine, except for an ocasional increase in blood pressure and some ocasional synus tachicardya during exercise or sleep, detected in a holter monitor. An echocardiogram reveled a PFO (small whole in my heart) which was not considered problematic (25% of people have it and usually live long and healthy lifes without knowing).
After a normal delivery, I had a postpartum hemorrage and became anemic, with hemoglobin around 8. After one month taking 90 mg iron a day, my hemoglobin got back to 12.3. Now I take only 30 mg (in the multivitaminic I take as I am breastfeeding). After the hemoglobine stabilized I returned to exercise, namely walking and exercising the belly. But I think something is wrong with my body. Even though my lovely baby lets me sleep all night and I have a lot of help of my great mother-in-law, I still feel tired. Sometimes I feel shortness of breath with little effort: when speaking, specially while doing something else like bathing my eldest. I also felt it when going down to pick the clothes from the drying machine. And I have some ocasional palpitations. Sometimes while laying before sleep, usually in days when I woke up too early. And while exercising, my heart beats faster than it should. 2 days ago, just in the first minutes of a simple walking (pushing the baby car) it jumped to 145, while at other times it would be around 120 in the same situation. The past 2 days I felt so tired that I didn't exercise at all, after a week with a lot of exercise. And today I felt dizzy while walking in the supermarket.
Should I be worried about those symptoms? They do not come together. I mean, either I have palpitations, or shortness of breath or diziness, separately. The only thing present all times is fatigue.

I have to add that I am 10 kg more than my normal weight (already lost 15). I am afraid my heart is not used to handle such extra weight, I was never overweight in my whole life, except while pregnant.
I want to keep exercising, to strenghten my heart and make it beat normally, loose those extra 10 kg and recover my belly. The dilema is: must I exercise to get my heart in good shape and feel less tired, or if I exercise while tired it will actully damage my heart?

What may be causing those symptoms? Is it possible that I am anemic again or may I have developed some heart condition, due to my weight or some over-effort while exercising? Or it may have another explanation?
Thanks a lot for your help,

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