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I am so scared. I am 50 yrs old and a smoker. I was referred to a cardiologist for breathlessness and heart flutters. Today I got the results of my nuclear tests. I am confused a bit. On the standard treadmill test a while back I had a 'neglible'result. Could be something, maybe not was how they put it. So, I had the nuclear testing done. I havent seen my consultant yet but the results went through to my GP. He said its not good but its not too bad either. He said I have signs of a heart disease ( He put ?IHD on my cholesterol form). He said there were signs that my heart wasnt receiving blood efficently. He mentioned blocked ateries, arterioschlerosis as possibilities but wouldnt say more than that until I have seen my consultant.

I have been having breathing problems for a year or more and putting it down to acid related problems. My GP seems to think this might be because I dont get bad chest pain when I cant breathe. Its bad in bed at night and has led to insomnia because I cant seem to get into a position where I dont feel I am suffocating. If I do sleep I wake up feeling like I cant breathe for around 3-4 hours, gets better during day then sometimes back in evening.
I have terrible burping problems too which relieves the breathlessness a little for a while.

I am exhausted generally - lack of sleep but also feel like I have slowed down somewhat/aged! After seeing my GP today he claims if my consultant agrees it may just mean keeping an eye on me - BP, cholesterol, diet etc.
Should I be as worried as I am. Of all the times you dont want to worry its if you are diagnosed with a heart problem...stress! I am stopping smoking on monday.

Has anyone been through similar and can share their thoughts with me on this please? I have a 12yr old and 15 yr old to look after and I feel as though I am waiting for a heart attack that will surely come?


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