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Re: Heart Attack
Apr 17, 2010
Try not to let all the hoopla get to you..people do strange things at a time such as this.When my dad passed on he was living with my brother & his wife & their two little was heartbreaking.My brother actually used my dad's credit card(charged it up to the buy a new computer and other things...)and my dad told one of my sisters about it...he was crying,because he had no control over the whole situation...Then within minutes after he passed on my brother was gathering all my dad's possessions and taking them out to the brother-in-law had to actually jump into the dumpster and retrieve all the see like I said people just go wack-o when a tragedy happens.:(

This type of thing happens to many families.My mom a few years ago went through all her things and sorted out who had given her what and she packed it all up and distributed it to each one of us kids...and she is still alive and well.She said it was beter this way so nobody would fight over her things saying "I gave her's mine & I want it back" utterly insane....the person you loved is gone and why should their belongings be so important..but that's the way of people sometimes.

When my dear friend Joyce passed on I stayed up the night before and wrote her a poem and it eased my pain...I read it at the closing of her wake...I was the only one who came forward to speak and I felt so honored to read my poem I wrote for was my farewell to her.Now when I'm missing her so terribly I think of that poem and it helps me cope.You could write your dad a poem or a note and then you'll always have that to remember this time...instead of the memories of the family going through his personal things....

I have about seven birthday cards I saved from my dad.Sometimes I'll pick one out and display it with cards I just received...I know my dad would've thought that was so sweet.Those little,simple cards will always be a treasure to me.

My dad did his own deciding about what he wanted...he wanted to be he found an ad in the paper for a place and filled out the form and even included a check to pay for the cremation.My youngest sister went to visit him and he asked her to mail something for him..she said"Sure" and later when she went to mail it she saw what it was for and she was shocked..well she did mail it,but it bothered her greatly.These are just things that we all have to deal with at some point in our's very hard,but somehow we get through it....and you will get through it.People just act ridiculously at times like this...and remember it's not that they don't love the person who is passing on it's just that I believe they need to be doing something to take their minds off the tragedy of let them keep busy with going through your dad's things..they'll look back on their actions later and see how truly bizarre they acted.

Didn't mean for this post to be so long,but I hope it helps you in some way...please take care~let me know how everything is going~you will get through this,because I can tell you are a strong person and being sensitive does not mean you are fact it's exactly the opposite.


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