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Iím a 24 year old male student have been living with the following symptoms for almost two years and I still donít know whatís wrong with me.
About two years ago I was playing a card game with some friends when all of a sudden my heart started racing for a couple of beats and these beats felt very strong. I started sweating and I felt sick. Ten minutes later the same thing happened and it really scared me. All night I was checking my pulse but everything seemed normal. The next day the same thing happened and I went to the ER and they did an ECG and blood work. Everything was normal they said. I talked to my doctor and he had a stress test done at the local hospital. The cardiologist said that everything was ok and that he didnít think I would need a holter monitor.
But ever since I have been having the same symptoms: A dull pressure on my breastbone which comes and goes. It feels like someone is standing on my chest. A tingling sensation in my left hand and Iím very tired constantly. Although the doctors said everything is ok with my heart I still worry about having a heart attack. Also I can feel my heartbeat a lot of times to a point where it keeps me up at nightÖ.
I have done a lot of searching on the internet and it seems some of my symptoms look like those of a thyroid-disorder. I havenít discussed this with my doctor though. Do you think I should discuss it with him, or do you have any idea what these symptoms could possibly be?

Thanks for your time and reactions,


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