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PVC's is what tehy found, and your symptoms line up with's almost impossible to tell which PVC's to consider dangerous and which to consider harmless...and most the time they are harmless...Stress can be a strong of the danger signs is when they occur in patterns or rows, or are multifocal..I don't diagnose on here, but most the time it's always harmless, except I DO understand how worriesome they make you, and how scarey those pauses can be...but there are no documented cases of it not getting back in rhythm..In people with diseses such as Long QT Syndrome, or people who have R on the T phenomenon ..the PVC can lead to cardiac arrest, but those are rare exceptions, and if you showed any signs a doctor would of told me a favor, if you have any of you EKG's, or rhythm strips, or the holter report..tell me what it says about your hearts QT interval or QTc should be anywhere from around 250ms up to 700ms.... have a good one..


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