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I would visit your OB/GYN first and talk to your MD about a referral to a cardiologist. Atenolol worked well for me to start with but had to be increased periodically due to lack of effect. I am up to 150mg everyday now and meeting with my cardiologist to discuss ablation. Like all medications our bodies can and will develop a tolerance if the condition is resistant to treatment. PVC's and any other irregularity of the heart can be difficult to manage long term with meds, We switch from med to med hoping to find the right one, combine meds to get the desired effect and sometimes stop getting lucky like I did. Now I am looking to surgically correct this annoying but benign condition. I don't know about you but there is no way I can live like this. Every aspect of my life seems to be affected now, I am tired from lack of sleep, crabby from being tired, nauseous periodically throughout the day, I feel like I have someones fist stuck in my throat, and ready to toss the meds in the toilet and go for a more drastic approach. Good luck!


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