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[QUOTE=shellda;4625111]Every few months I have a scary thing happen. I will go to bed and sometimes it happens as soon as I lay down but other times, it wakes me up. My heart rate will go from a normal (for me) of about 85 to 122 or thereabouts (one time it went to 140). `I start breathing fast, get a feeling of impending doom so I get up and get my pulse oxymeter and my heart rate will be will get up to around the 120 range and if I stay sitting still for awhile, it will slowly go back down again, so I go back to bed.[/QUOTE]

The bed is the worst place for allergies and usually the most unhealthy place in your home. When you lie down, you become exposed to numerous allergens and irritants, which excite your allergies, your immune system and your Sympathetic Nervous System, which in turn excites your heart and causes increases in heart rate and blood pressure.

The medical care industry should know this because it is the basis for the majority of corrective medications, but for some reason it is not.

[QUOTE]The next day, I will feel headachy, tired and nauseated from it.[/QUOTE]

This is the result of your NeuroHormonal System over-production of nightly hormones.

[QUOTE]The last time this happened, a few weeks back, I went to the ER the day after, even though I felt like crap and didn't want to move off the sofa.
They did the EKG, X-ray, urine and bloodwork and everything was normal. So, that was a waste of time. I have no idea what could cause this but it scares me, makes me sick, and I'm never going to know when it's time to go to the hospital or just sit and wait it out.
Any idea's at all what causes such a thing?[/QUOTE]

The over-active and over-reactive NeuroHormonal and Immune Systems are reflective mostly through metabolic imbalances, mostly which are not tested in the ER or hospital. So...... you can get tests in the ER or Hospital until the cows come home, and you will find out NOTHING! :dizzy:

Best of luck and health! :wave:

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