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Mid 40's male with Sleep Apnea/Hypothyroidism/GERD and Degenerative Disc Disease. Had two Nuclear Stress Tests previous most recent 24 months ago. All normal. Recent EKG came back Borderline Normal with Poor R Wave progression V2-V4 ST Elevation also present Probably Normal Varient. Act rates were Vent rate 69bpm, P duration 114ms, QRS duration 90ms, PR interval 172ms, QT interval 380ms, QTc interval 394ms, P-R-T axis 64 -2 46 Was told I should probably see another cardiologist. 24 months since last stress test. Was recently put on BP med Lisinoprol but had not taken. Can elevated BP cause this "Borderline Normal"? Just had a VA mandated EKG less than 30 days ago and got no feedback so assume it was normal. Not sure of what to expect other than inaccurate lead placement, failure to take meds. Concerned at some point with multiple stress test, it will become invasive. Last stress test was SPECT full exam with 70% LV rate and normal exam.

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