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[QUOTE=cvcman;4878449]Ok im on plavix and aspirin for my stent... I also take saw palmetto for BHP and have been drinking green tea..Now they say do NOT drink green tea while on plavix or take saw there ANY reilable info to support this[/QUOTE]

This is my second time with new stent and that is the first time I have EVER heard that...seriously would be wondering about the source as green tea is suppose to be healthy for you in general. I drink regular tea and I have always been told how I should try it as it is healthier, but I am a tea snob:)

If regular tea is ok for me, I am sure green tea would be also. Not sure about saw palmetto or even what it is...but if they are wrong about the green tea I would seriously consider the source once again and wonder if it was reliable information. Taking Plavix makes you at risk for more bleeding or bleeding complications and unless the item thins the blood more than it really shouldn't matter. I have honestly never been given any restrictions because of Plavix or Effient been on both, except when it comes to having surgery and then they stop for about a week before the surgery and get you back on them immediately after...So not sure why you are hearing this stuff. Hope I can ease your mind some:) BTW I am a frequent patient for my pcp and my cardio so I am positive if there were restrictions I would have heard about them either from one of them or at the hospital on one of my frequent visits also:)

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