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You could be suffering from reflux. You can get pressure in chest and also a and pressure and tightness in the neck. And then there is stress when it happens that makes it all the more worse.

All that weight will put pressure on your body. (I know I am very big and when I started to diet I was getting aches and pains.)

The Booze certainly does not help, (lay off it, there is no excuse to not stop it right now) if it is reflux, then the alcohol will just make it all the more worse. Tightness, pressure, burning sensation. (worse thing to have)

"If" the medication for indigestion is making it worse or not working, you could be suffering from low stomach acid. Which means you stomach does not produce enough acid, this food cause regurgitation which is just like reflux. You could try something simple as un-fermented apple cider vinegar. Even a tea spoon in half a cup of water of normal vinegar will do to start before meals of when you get these symptoms. If it helps then more so low stomach acid, if you try this, stop the reflux pills, as it will just make it worse by stopping stomach acid production you are trying to create with the vinegar.

It something you can try. I have not been on reflux medication for 5 weeks now, taking apple cider vinegar and now I take nothing cause I don't get it much anymore.

Doctor's love giving out reflux medication and never think about low stomach acid because it is very hard to diagnose. But it has helped many people who have been treated for reflux for years without success and simple vinegar has helped them. Also you could try before meals a digest-ease supplement from chemists, etc.

I would not be thinking heart at your age. I think, diet, lifestyle and stress.

Time to change it mate, you don't want to get older and be in that condition, trust me, I know what I am talking about. I am 38 and making changes only now.

FYI - Don't say you have a reasonably healthy diet (you may now) but you don't get fat by eating healthy. And I know what I am talking about, I sometimes said the same thing.

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