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Hi everyone,

I have been having some troubling symptoms and I was wondering if you all could give me some opinions on whats going on.

Some facts: I am a 27 year old female. I have no family history of high blood pressure, early high cholestorol, heart attack, heart disease, etc. I had a baby 11 months ago, so my hormones are likely functioning as they should.

My symptoms: I had very severe pain in my jaw area about 4 years ago. It still flares a few times a week, but not as severe as it was. Its not my sinuses or a tumor. I have pain in my left arm, hand, and shoulder. I occasionally have some chest pain. I experience a strange, very mild shortness of breath feeling, almost like I am being smothered or have a cobweb in front of my face. It comes and goes throughout the day. NONE of these symptoms increase with exercise. They occur mostly when I am at rest and sitting up. I also will get sharp pains in my legs and feet. I also experience PVCs, almost always after eating and while active. Sometimes during a bad flare, there will be about 10 per minute.

My stats: I have been to the ER many times, and my EKGs, chest x-rays, and blood work are ALWAYS normal. I have been to 2 cardiologists in the same practice, and I have had two 24 hour holter monitors and an echocardiogram. The echo didn't show much other than a very, very mild thickening of the aortic valve and a very minor mitral valve prolapse that apparently is in 10% of the population. They will recheck it in a year.
My blood pressure changes throughout the day as I monitor it at home, but on average is about 125/75 and my heart rate is normally in the 70s at rest.

Medications: I take Toprol XL 75 mg daily for the palpitations. I also take Zoloft 100mg for anxiety, and Ativan for anxiety as needed.

Anxiety: I have a significant anxiety disorder that I have had since I was a small child. I experience a lot of anxiety on a daily basis.

My question is: could I have a blocked artery or something else wrong with my heart that they haven't found yet? I just don't understand what could be causing the arm and jaw pain. It is radiant and dull. And the strange shortness of breath too, and the palpitations. My cardiologists said that my arteries look "nice and clear", but how could they tell just by listening to my heart and doing an echo? The cardiologist said it isn't my aortic valve because she listened to it with the stethoscope and it sounded normal. She said my arteries sounded normal. She also said that a 27 year old would not have blocked arteries unless they had an early history of heart disease or something like that. I have had two cardiologists and many ER doctors and my primary care doctor tell me that I'm fine...but I still am convinced that I have a blocked artery, especially after reading that post from that guy who had a 98% blockage with normal test results!

I'm sorry for the long post, but I would appreciate any and all responses. Thanks in advance.

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