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Rapid heart rate
Jul 30, 2002
... I am a 29 y.o. male with a rapid heart rate even while at rest. ... (3 replies)
Racing heart
Feb 26, 2007
... beats per minute. Does this sound like something dangerous or does it sound like I'm being paranoid which is entirely possible. Thanks. ... (10 replies)
Low Heart Rate
Oct 7, 2004
... beats per minute. Really, only professional athletes have resting heart beats around 40 beats per minute. ... (8 replies)

Heart rate qn
Jan 13, 2004
... beats per minute. Generally, the fitter you are, the slower your heart will beat. ... (10 replies)
... I am 23 years old, I have episodes like this right now, I'm sitting in my chair and typing this and my heart is going about 145 bpm. I just had a cigarette though, I'm quitting after this pack and never going back. Nasty, nasty, nasty habit. ... (2 replies)
... When the heart rate is less than 60 beats per minute and the heart's electrical system functions normally. This type of slow heart rate is often seen in healthy, athletic people. ... (5 replies)
... nderal which is a blood pressure medication. I read that Lexapro can increase the Inderal in my blood stream and I am worried it is doing this. My normal resting heart rate has always been 90 beats per minute. I have a blood pressure monitor and it also shows heart rate so I know for sure. ... (3 replies)
... years BEFORE having any heart trouble. But I also think it may have something to do with my troubles. ... (15 replies)
... is to relax, settle back and then take deep slow breaths, hold it, and then let it out slowly, and then repeat, until my heart settles down. ... (4 replies)
Heart rate
Dec 29, 2003
... beats per minute. So your pulse rate seems to be "within the range". ... (15 replies)
... ever since my early teens or longer, which I've left alone until now. I just thought it was no big deal and that the results must be wrong. Heart disease also runs in the family. ... (9 replies)
... beats per minute. From what I read its not uncommon. I thought I was having aheart attack but no pain, so fast. Both times I felt like a click. ... (4 replies)
... ng Im just so confused right now...If anyone could provide me maybe some links to articles or something that can tell me from what young skinny people could have heart attacks from? ... (6 replies)
Oct 7, 2004
... Does you heart have a sitting heart rate faster than 90 beats per minute? ... (2 replies)
... I start out at around 60 to 70 beats per minute waking in the morning. ... (0 replies)
... By racing, I mean anywhere from 90 to 110 beats per minute, and I'm noticing it most of the time. Also, I've been a tad lightheaded on and off. ... (4 replies)
Fast Heart Beat
Mar 26, 2005
... and mine was 110 Beats per minute. I didnt think anything was wrong until I started reading that over 100 is bad. So i have been checking like mad.. ... (4 replies)
... The predominant rhythm is sinus with ventricular bigeminy and trigeminy and an average rate of 89 beats per minute. ... (0 replies)
Scary symptoms
Apr 27, 2005
... Do the maths yourself. If you have a heart rate of 60 beats per minute there will be a 1 second gap between beats. If you have a heart rate of 120 beats per minutes there will be a gap if 0.5 seconds between beats. Your heart rate of 90 bpm means a gap of 0.75 seconds so it was absolutely no problem at all! ... (12 replies)
... was when ever I checked my blood pressure my pulse rate was always in the 90's. I wore a holter monitor at the beginning of this pregnancy because I felt like my heart beat had gotten faster. It average 98 beats per minute through out the 24hr period. ... (1 replies)

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