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It sounds like you have a prolonged PR interval > 1.0, which is referred to as a first degree heart block. That is a delay in the electrical impulse thru the AV node.That in itself is not a big deal, but you may be going into a second degree heart block at the times your pulse drops to around 40. 39 is not a normal heart rate unless you are a very conditioned athlete like Lance Armstrong. There are a variety of conduction defects, some of which are congenital (you were born with them). There is a tachy-brady syndrome that involves both too slow and too fast heart rates episodically. With possible left atrial enlargement, I would recommend an echocardiogram and I would see a different cardiologist if he is not taking this seriously. Passing out is a serious threat to you and others (what if you were driving?) This can be treated and should be so you can feel well and function better.

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