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Last thursday I was sat at work and noticed that when I put my head onto my chest (as if looking at my feet) I could feel a pain right in the middle of my chest. Sort of like a muscle twinge but i would only feel it when I looked down . But I hadnt done any exercise/gone to the gym for a while. And me being me (a worry wart) started thinking the worst and going on google and of course heart attacks etc came up . And as I started to worry i started to get more symtoms. That same day both my arms became heavy and numb and i was getting cold chills,i lost my appetite and felt sick so went home. Ever since then it is constantly on my mind 24.7 i feel as though I will have a heart attack at any second during the day. I am an emotional wreck. I wasnt going through any stress or anything so it can't be that. But I do think the worst whenever my health is involved. Anyway for the next few days i was aching everywhere. the muscles in my arms hurt so bad and i felt tired and weak so didnt go into work. I also started to feel weird chest sensations, not so much painfull but definately not normal. My chest felt heavy (it still does a week later) and i would get random sort of shooting pains, its hard to explain -sometimes on the left sometimes on the right. The initial pain has gone though (when i looked down at my feet). But when you have never had chest pains before it is horrible. I went to the doctors yesterday but he just sat and stared at me and couldnt really say left arm was in severe pain. he took my blood pressure and checked my heart beat and that was it. So i have booked in for an ecg test because my head is all over the place. But will this proove there is definately nothing wrong with me if it comes back fine? Some mornings I am fine but then when i come into work i get the symtoms again (sore arms and chest ache/pain) because im thinking about it?? I just feel like s***. Please help

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