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Hi. Started last month with left shoulder blade pain, fleeting quick and would recur. I am a 27 year old female, no past medical history besides anxiety and depression. Saw my MD, he said it was muscle tension due to me being anxious. A few days later got random pains in left arm in different places, didnt occur at once. Sometimes it would be left elbow, sometimes left forearm, sometimes left wrist, sporadic and short lived as well. Got an EKG, it was normal. Followed up with my MD about a week after that, and he felt along my shoulder blade, and said I had a trigger point, which can cause referred pain down the arm. I was skeptical to believe this was my problem. Since then, I have been to an Urgi Center, and an ER, and had two more EKG's which were both normal as well. When I went to the ER it was actually because I had been nausea and vomiting all day and was running a fever of 100.1. I would get nauseated about 1-2 hours after I ate that day a few times and vomit, my husband is an RN and was thinking it may be gallbladder. They did bloodwork at the ER, just a slightly elevated WBC of 11.6, other than that WNL. I asked them to do an EKG, just for my peace of mind. The physician didn't see the need for one, but after me asking twice, he ordered one. And it was normal. They gave me nausea medication, and I felt better, he said probably a bug. After that I was fine, probably some 24 hour thing. However, I still get random pains in my left arm, aches, and it isn't my elbow all the way down to my fingers, it happens at different times like I said before, yesterday it was my elbow, today it's the outside of the forearm and outside of wrist, etc etc. There is no weakness in the extremity, and I hesitate to say "numb", because it isn't really all that numb, maybe slightly, has a slightly "dead" feeling to it, but no weakness noted, I don't have trouble picking up anything or holding on to it. Along with this, well it doesn't happen together with the arm pain, but I have been having difficulty burping somewhat, acidy in my throat when I do. I have not had any chest pain or pressure, but a sensation I would say. Hard to describe, but I can pinpoint where it is. Not related to any exertion, it just happens whenever. My best description would be it feels like a slight warm trickly sensation, right inside my left upper breast, going upwards, and not all the way to neck, just upwards maybe an inch above my breasts, also fleeting, lasting 1-2 seconds. I saw someone else on here describe this as almost a shocky electrical sensation, I guess I can relate, but it's not painful, just odd feeling, and pinpoint to a certain area, never moves. This doesn't happen with the arm pain necessarily, either can happen at any time. It's not like I have this chest "sensation" then I feel it go down my arm. My doctor and my husband seem to think the trigger point is causing my left arm discomforts, and the problems with my stomach are from my anxiety and nerves, because I haven't been able to relax, this is constantly on my mind for a month and a half. I don't feel like the same person anymore. My doctor put me on Wellbutrin, because before all of this my husband and I were planning on trying to start a family soon, and I told my MD that and he said Wellbutrin is one of the only safe drugs to take during pregnancy. I am not even 3 weeks into this medication so I don't feel it's effective as of yet. As far as the trigger point goes on my back, my husband feels my upper back 1-2 times a day, and can feel raised band like areas and when he presses down it is rather tender. I am just confused, and scared. I want to let go of this and believe it isn't heart related. Please help

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