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Hi all. I am a 27 y/o female. No past medical history with the exception of anxiety and depression. I just had a question regarding chest pain.

For over two months now, I have been having a pain in my chest. It is very quick, lasting one or two seconds at the MOST. It is located in the upper chest, top of inner left breast. It feels like a warm needle moving sensation, maybe stinging would be the word. Occasionally, rarely, I have felt it on the top right breast as well, but 98% of the time it's the left breast. No pressure, tightness, squeezing etc. Mostly stinging, or small pinching, easiest way to describe it. I can't tell if it is a deep pain, or more superficial, maybe even breast tissue, I just don't know :/ Nothing seems to trigger it. I mostly notice it when I am watching TV, relaxing, reading a book, or when I'm on the computer. I try to see if certain positions aggravate it, and I'm not sure, although sometimes while on the computer and slouching with my elbow propped on the computer desk, I seem to notice it more often, but that may be because I am looking for it. Doesn't appear to be related to exertion. Power walking/jog around my neighborhood, running up and down my steps several times ( and yes, I have done this with the steps to see if activity would bring it on-as a test I guess), have gotten my heart rate up as high as 184, and no symptoms are felt.

My PCP is aware, and isn't concerned. As far as testing, since end of January I have had four EKG's done, the latest about two weeks ago. I know these tests miss and do not show much sometimes. But just for information purposes, they have been normal, with the except of two of them having sinus tachycardia, but that is because I get extremely anxious being a patient. May be unrelated-but had an upper endoscopy done this month as well. It was good, except it showed mild esophagitis, mild gastritis, and mild duodenitis. Am on Prilosec now, just started about a week ago. I don't get "heartburn", or any burning however. Just was having some general GI issues and saw my GI and we did some testing.

Can anyone chime in on this? I have read some forums on here and see people give excellent responses, and I'd really appreciate anyone's time, thank you.

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