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Hi all. 27 y/o female with no past medical history except anxiety and depression. Have some questions about this chest pain, and I hate to say pain, because it's more of an annoying sensation.

It started 2 months ago. The location-left upper breast, just off the side of my cleavage, like on top of the left breast. It is localized. It feels like a "stinging" type of sensation, like a needle poke stinging moves upwards about an inch. Sorry, hard to describe! Another way to describe it could be "pinching", but definetly not squeezing, just like a slight pinch spasm or something. No pressure, heaviness, tightness, etc. No other symptoms occur when this happens. Also, it only lasts 1-2 seconds at the MOST, but happens several times a day. It does not appear to be related to exertion, when power walking/jog around where I live I don't feel it, nor when I climbed up and down my steps several times to get my heart rate up ( and yes I did this as a test to see if I could provoke any symptoms!). I have gotten my heart rate up to 184 without feeling it. Rather, I feel it when I am laying around, watching TV, reading, while on computer. I will have it for several days in a row, then several days without, and I think it has gone away completely, just for it to show again.
I can't say what triggers it. The area is not tender to touch, only tender when I poke at it all day wondering what the heck it is! When it happens I hurry up and try to put my hand at that spot, but it is gone as fast as it came.
Only other thing I can say is I've had some BAD muscle tightness in my neck/ upper back/shoulder blades/middle back, chiropractor and hubby say I'm as stiff as a board, and THAT IS TENDER to touch.
Since all this has started, I've had 4 EKG's, all normal except sinus tachy in a couple of them, but I get SOO anxious when I see a doctor or ER. I know EKGs are not reliable a lot of the time, just mentioning it for information purposes. I also had a upper endoscopy this month, showing mild esophagitis, mild gastritis, and mild duodenitis, and just started Prilosec a week ago. I don't get "heartburn", but was having some regurgitation in my throat, so saw my GI.
Srry so long! Please help :/

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