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[QUOTE=messplay;5172634]I have always had white coat hypertension[/QUOTE]

How high does your "white coat" hypertension get?

[QUOTE]I can see my heart beat/pulse.[/QUOTE]

Can you also feel your heart beat? Does it beat steady, or does it jump around a little? Does it feel erratic at all?

[QUOTE]Lately I have been focusing on it more and my t-shirt moves with the beat, it is that strong.[/QUOTE]

Is it strong when you are just sitting around?

[QUOTE]Holtor monitor results came back fine - the Cardiologist said it was perfect and nothing to worry about with any of the readings.[/QUOTE]

How many ventricular or supra ventricular ectopic beats registered on the 24 hour Holter Monitor summary report? What were your minimum and maximum heart rates on the report?

[QUOTE]At the gym I can literally feel my heart beat through my body it seems and of course it is elevated while exercising to mid 90's and above.[/QUOTE]

Do you get any shortness of breath? Chest pains? Lightheadedness? Ever feel like you are going to pass out? Do you occasionally over-sweat?

[QUOTE]Any concerns here? Thank you[/QUOTE]

That's difficult for the non-professionals, here on Healthboards, to answer, especially since we don't have privy to any of your medical tests or records.

I think that you are doing the right thing by getting your health concerns checked out with medical professionals.

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