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I noticed an occasional weird hearbeat (maybe once per week) as far back as a year ago and reported it to my doctor during a routine exam. An EKG was done, and all was fine.

So fast foward to last week. This odd heartbeat started happening every few minutes and I went to the ER. They ran an EKG for 15 seconds but my heart was normal during this time. They kept me overnight connected to a portable monitor. I know I had many irregular beats during that time, but they said they saw nothing abnormal. I had echo-cardiogram and blood tests done. All came back normal. They told me to follow up with my doctor.

The irritating thing is it was still happening and I had to wait until the thanksgiving holidays were over to see my doctor. Went in yesterday and he listened to my heart, which he said sounded normal. Of course, as soon as he stopped listening, it had another strange beat. He referred me to a cardiologist but it will be nearly 3 weeks before I go in to see him.

Basically what I'm feeling is an occasional really strong heartbeat. I wouldn't say it "hurts" but it is uncomfortable. It seems to be brought on by anything that increases my heartrate such as climbing stairs, or sexual activity. Sometimes there will be several in a row. And when it happens not only does the strength of the beat seem harder, but the rhythm seems to be somehow different as well.

I'm actually a pretty healthy individual. I'm 38 years old, 160 pounds. I do not smoke, nor do I ever drink alcohol or caffeine. I eat healthy and I exercise regularly, such as bike riding or other activities.

I have been reading a lot about this kind of thing online and I think it is possible I'm having PVC. But I'm not sure since one has never been caught on an EKG before. Now I'm frustrated that I have to wait 3 weeks to even begin to get some answers. I'm tempted to go buy my own EKG so I can catch one of these and at least figure out what kind of arrhythmia I'm having.

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