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Hello, first time poster here, just wanted to throw myself out there and see if anyone has anything similar to this.

About 5 months ago, I was deployed on a ship, never had any major health issues before, I was active and healthy. I was doing a lot of cardio on the ship, I would bike and run a lot, usually 5 days a week for about an hour each day.

Anyways, one day I started getting these random sharp pinching feelings in the left side of my chest, right under my nipple and closely around that area. It started out as just randomly happening throughout the day. I let this go on for about 5 weeks then I went to the ship doc, and got checked out. He took an ekg, and a chest x ray, claiming he didnt think there was anything wrong with my heart. He was considering a lung related issue, but then dismissed it, saying that I must be recovering from a chest infection/cold. I found this odd, becuse I had no coughing or anything of that nature.

Fast forward to now, 5 months since it started, Im now out of the military, so I have no health coverage currently, and I want to know if this is worth paying to go get checked out basically.

The pain isnt really a sharp throughout the day kind of thing anymore. Some days it feels pretty good, other days it doesnt. It comes on randomly, whether Im moving/climbing stairs/sitting around or whatever. Taking a deep breath or expelling all the air out of my lungs say by like hard laughter, I can feel sort of a more dull sharpness that what it originally was now.

Other times if I twist my body to say try to stretch I can feel it. Its not always a "sharp" pain anymore either. Its progressed to a very strange feeling, I dont want to call it pressure, but thats kinda what I would say it feels most similar too, more of like a feeling that something in my left chest is being stretched real hard. I also notice my chest randomly cracks at the sternum a lot now.

Sometimes if I push on the left peck area, it does feel slightly tender, other days it doesnt feel tender at all. I would also say its not really a pain, more of an aggravation. Like I can continue on my daily routine however Ive just been pretty paranoid it hasnt improved at all. I dont run anymore because of it, and I think Im starting to develop anxiety over it, so Im just trying to see if anyone has something similiar or knows anything of what it might sound like.

Oh also forgot to include, my left hand, I get that numb tingly feeling in my pinky and ring finger here lately, but i read that can be caused by anxiety so Im not sure if that matters since it jsut started happening in the last 2 weeks or so.

Thanks for reading this long winded posting.


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