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Unknown and worried
Mar 25, 2014
Hi everyone

I've been having some weird issues with my heart on and off for the last three-ish years and so far have no answers.

It started off with my heart skipping a beat and thumping painfully hard, combined with extreme dizziness, blurred vision, shortness of breath, weakness throughout my whole body. By the time it was over I'd feel completely exhausted and just want to sleep for the rest of the day. It used to happen a couple times a week, then just a couple times every other week, then every other month. It would happen while I was exercising, taking a walk, or just sitting down doing nothing.

Two different doctors ran every kind of test on me and found nothing at all. Even that little monitor thing that I had to wear for a few days. Everything came back normal.

Shortly after that I got pregnant and nothing seemed to be happening to a year and a half afterwards. Then it came back a couple times every few months, minus the dizziness.

Now, for the last three to four days, my heart keeps feeling like it has these little hiccups. I don't get anything else happening with them just these weird fluttering hiccups but they happen at least every three hours.

If all the tests were fine why does this keep happening?

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