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Hello all,

I am a 45 year old woman and have had benign PVCs since early adulthood. Many EKGs/holters over the years but nobody was ever the slightest bit worried. Last year I had a routine EKG that showed a prolonged QTc (489) My doctor sent me to a electrophysiologist who got a reading of 461 and said not to worry. My most recent EKG (last week) had a QTc of 469.

I am traveling abroad next week and am consumed with worry. These readings are as high as possible (not counting the one which was way over) and still "technically" be normal. I don't understand how I could have this disorder all my life and not know it with all the tests I have.

No family history of sudden Cardiac death. I have never fainted. My doctor said I can see a specialist if I want to but he's not worried. I am very worried however.

Any insights about borderline long Qt in women would be helpful (especially reassuring ones!)


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