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Dec 22, 2014
Ok, This has been a long miserable journey. this is gonna be long, But im trying to be detailed much as possible.. It started back maybe mid June, I was sitting on the computer hanging out with my father, Just doing my business. Playing games and such. I started at first like pressure in the center of my chest.. then it lead to like shortness of breath. It kinda freaked me out at first, I was paranoid, then I brushed it off. I assumed at first that it was stress, cause I had some hard times, (financial issues, troubles with an ex, roommate screwed me over on rent so was evicted) So I kinda just brushed it off.

I drank a lot as well, ate like crap and such. When I drank I didn't have the shortness of breath at all, then the next morning it would be worse, It would come and go. Then it was starting to become EVERYDAY, I cut drinking and eating junkfood litreally cold turkey, drinking water, cut out soda, occasionally ill drink a soda. I just couldn't breathe properly and such severe tightness inside my chest, this happened for a good two months, then it slowly kinda went away, it was still there, but it wasn't as bad. during that time I had some weird off the wall random irregular heartbeats, Like really strange patterns, Like, I have always been aware of my heartbeat, I had a strong steady heart beat felt like it flowed perfectly normal. I kinda just always noticed it was there, like I would have skip beats at night, but i'd ignore them because I thought it was normal.

Well, just one night I was having sex with my gf at the time, I had my heart rate pretty high, then once we were done, I just remember sitting there, then like I a weird second like, complete silence, then suddenly BOOM I felt as I was gonna collapse on the floor, it would come in waves, it felt like 900 pound object was pushing me to the ground, I obviously had a huge panic attack because of what happened, went to the hospital,

they gave me ekg and put me on the ecg.then gave me blood pressure of 140/83,but Said EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT then gave me ativan, then discharged me. Well ok, fine I had a panic attack. i told them I went to a store place, I tried the blood pressure thing, it was like 180/90 it freaked me out, they said it wasn't accurate. then I said OOKK. I went about my life, But I started noticing I wake up in the morning with groggyness, and I was sitting down one time, and like I felt a pop on my left neck, kinda freaked me out for a sec, but didnt think much of it. Then one day I was sitting down again, i turned my head to the left, I felt a HUGE intense pressure from my neck to the head, I thought my head was gonna pop, I almost went the ER, but I decided not to, I did get into a fight also maybe a week or two before this neck thing, a kid punched my face myabe 5 times, then grappled my head to the ground really hard, then I rmemeber feeling a pop. then I said im done. I had a torn muscle on my left shoulder area.

My heart I guess at the time was still feeling weird, it fluttered a few times when I thought i was gonna panic. but it wasn't anything crazy. I had sex with gf at the time again, I'd just feel like my heart isn't puushing to my head.. I would feel like kinda dizzy from time to time, like my equilibrium was off or something, I had anxiety about my chest and my heart on what it was doing, cause it wouldn't go away at all. I was getting really irritated because I jsut wanted to feel normal. It wasn't until I got back into construction when everything started falling down hill from there. I was working hard, my heart was normal I guess pumps steady and normal my shortness of breath was kinda still there, but not entirly. Maybe like 2 weeks in of working, I noticed after work my heart would beat in a kinda weird pattern, I'd get like a popping feeling in my chest then followed by a skipped beat. I didn't really pay attention to it, but it just wasnt a normal beat like it used to be, I still ignored it.

So i still go to work, I started to noticed My heart felt feint, like as if it wasn;t as strong or something, then get these weird heart beats. I'd start getting like pressure in my head after work and my right neck would have a sqeezing feeling. I went to the ER a few times they said my ekg is all normal and blood work is perfect, and blamed anxiety. I'm like, Im not anxious at all though. They kinda just shrugged it off and said yeah it is, and im too young for heart probs. I'm 22 btw, i went to an urgent care place, they gave me a blood pressure reading it was like 165/85 or something, and I was feeling really off after working, They said your blood pressure is really high and it's not normal, said it could congestional heart, or a bad thyroid, it freaked me out cause I'm still so young and I want so much in life, I almost started to cry, they said have you gone to the ER yet? I said yes, and they said you're sick, there is something wrong with you but don't know what it is yet.

I went to the ER again, and told them the situation and said the urgent doctors dont know what's wrong. and sent me home again and said anxiety. I started getting these shock feeling skipped beats, like something is intruding it. And It feels so feint now, like something is sqeezing it, I'd get these bad chest pains on my left side that covers from my left arm to all the way to my sternum. i'd lay there in pain, just feel my heart beat so rapidly then skip as something is pushing against it, It's so hard to explain how I feel. I had sex with my gf ONCE again, afterwards like my whole left side was in pain, and the bottom of my sternum, was in pain, I couldn't sleep that night at all, I woke up sweating a couple times, my heart made really insane weird rythems, and make bloop feelings.

I went to the ER, and they kept me for 24 hours with holter monitor, and all that, they then told me it's Anxiety, then said im bipolar. I told them, my heart does it the most when I'm active, they refuzed to give me stress, and echo test, cause they checked my blood work and everything was fine. sent me home and told me to go on lexapro, On that night, I tried to be optimistic and saying everthing is fine. I sat down for a second, then boooom, heart sank, my jaw went numb, like a burning feeling. I wasn't panicing at all, it was just like what the hell man? The Cardiologist told me to exercise, I did, I did 10 push up, My heart went insane, like felt like it was going at least 160 bmp, insane palps, skip beats...idk. It's 12/23/2014. 12:14am. What im feeling right now is back pains, jaw pains, I get stabbing pains in the back of my neck towards the spine on the right.

I spit up thick dark green mucus with blood from the hole in back of my mouth. My heart makes these weak, popping heart beats now, shock heart skips, Chest pains all over, my digestion is horrible, My throat feels like its weak, sometimes when I breathe it gives off that tastes that you ran a mile. I feel crawling feeling in my throat as well. Pressure in the chest everyday. Wake up with numbness in my left arm, feel vibration as my blood pumps in the bad of my spine. I keep thinking maybe it heart failure, or congestional defect, or somekind of disease I have that I don't know about. I'm losing faith in these doctors, I know there's something wrong, I had to quit my constuction job, cause I just feel weaker and weaker when I exert my body.

i'm always cold, heart feels so weird and weak, it does weird heartbeat, as if it is struggling to beat... makes like bubble feeling in my throat in some skip beats, i have like a burning sensation on my back on the left side, and my chest also.. I have a numbness on my left tricep it's harder to talk cause my voice feels weaker, and I notice my voice box cant make high pitches anymore. I just miss my strong steady heartbeat, I miss feeling normal and pain free. I feel closer and closer to death everyday feeling like this, I crave life so much. I dont know if its a tumor, infection, Idk what to do.


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