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... but once its out, i sleep soundly. I have had this condition for years, along with a constant ache in my left shoulder, with the occassional heart palpitations, i also get a quick few seconds of sharp pains in my left chest area. ... (0 replies)
... ache in back left shoulder and radiates down left arm which has tingling feeling (0 replies)
... So I am going to make a long story short. About 2 weeks ago I was driving and all of a sudden my heart felt funny and I kind of lost my breath. My left shoulder started hurting and tingling. Totally freaked me out! That night, I ended up in the ER. ... (0 replies)

... rted suddenly falling asleep at the wheel. Tested for sleep apnea and narcolepsy, both negative. A couple of days ago I started feeling this strange dull, aching left chest pain, ache in left upper shoulders and numbness, tingling in left arm that seemed to get worse by the day. Felt like right before your arm falls asleep. ... (1 replies)
... Hi guys. I have recently been diagnosed with angina after echo stress test. I just want to inform others that I did not have tightening in chest or heaviness. ... (0 replies)
... Hi there. Yesterday, all of a sudden my left shoulder and top of my arm started to ache. Then came these sharp pains under my left rib cage sort of under my breast but more to the side than in the middle. ... (0 replies)
... i dont burp, regurgitate food, or have pain in the throat. ... (8 replies)
... and elbow. It seems like the pain is probably muscular because if I do things like stretch one arm up high or rub my shoulder blade it seems to help relieve the shoulder pain, or if i extend my left elbow all the way and curl my wrist back it seems to make my left elbow pain feel better. ... (1 replies)
... is so huge and nasty LOL I will try that to see if slippier makes it go down easier. I am so freaked out. I don't know if I am feelings things or if they are in my head. I would swear that my left arm and hand is tingling. ... (12 replies)
Shoulder/arm pain
Apr 29, 2007
... Thanks in advance!!! ... (0 replies)
... Sometimes when I try to fall asleep I will have this very sharp pain down the entire center of my chest that radiates over also to the left side, it worsens as I take breaths. ... (2 replies)
Please help me.
Sep 24, 2011
... hour shift Monday morning, I started feeling this ache in my left armpit. Assuming it was something small, I attempted to go to sleep. I got nauseous, then dizzy, then my left hand started tingling. ... (2 replies)
... Pain to the wrist is not typical, so maybe. One example I can give you is the when I run, I must hold my left side in a different position and tense up my left shoulder. Sometimes I get a pain in my left shoulder that before I would have confused with angina. The pain subsides when I stop running. ... (4 replies)
... left side of my chest. It was like a sharp stabbing pain. It then spread to my shoulder and through my back. My left arm also started to ache real bad and feel like the blood had been cut off to it. ... (1 replies)
... blood pressure, and very high cholesterol, but am now on meds for both and have seem improvement. anyway..i have been getting some discomfort.. not really pain, in my chest, and a very weak feeling in my left arm and it comes at any time..not always after exertion. ... (187 replies)
... Sure enough FrontierDriver2, exercise can cause angina, and in the back, it feels much like angina in the chest. A dull, burning ache directly behind the heart, but maybe toward the left a bit. This is a common location for angina in the back, and is where mine is felt. ... (9 replies)
... I after a MI 6 years ago and a stent inplanted still have simular pains and all Dr's say it's not my heart but the muscle pulling from my chest bone, there's a name for it? If I do anything strenious 1-2 days later I get them, it comes and goes, I sometimes have to lie down on my side with my chest muscles closed up. Will last a week or two until I do something that uses those... (5 replies)
... or discomfort in chest and left arm approx 4 years ago. ... (5 replies)
Heart palpatations
Aug 12, 2013
... I feel I want to share my problem with you in the hope you can ease my worries. ... (0 replies)
... which has occurred on both left and right side but never middle, and it also happens almost everyday. ... (4 replies)

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