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... as coating on it , Yes I've had to take nitro ended up in hospital once , had chemical stress test which was negative . a few weeks later had some really bad chest pains , that had me grabbing at my chest and almost took my breathe away, took 3 nitros , that relieved the pain and was ok . ... (14 replies)
... Blu, any update on your chest pains? ... (14 replies)
... Yes the dull, achy, heavy chest pains are from blockages or from Epigastric upset. ... (14 replies)

... well heres an update, am off celebrex cardio. doc. risk wasn't worth the benifit. also for chest pains am now taking isosorbide 30 mg. qd. am on it a week and it seems to be helping th. then went to se e family doc . ... (14 replies)
... I after a MI 6 years ago and a stent inplanted still have simular pains and all Dr's say it's not my heart but the muscle pulling from my chest bone, there's a name for it? ... (5 replies)
... or discomfort in chest and left arm approx 4 years ago. Severity of pains slowly grew worse over time however for the first 3 or so years the occurrence of the pains would wax and wane greatly. ... (5 replies)
... I wrote a post a while back about having chest pain... then I had a situation with chest pains, confusion, slurred speech, stumbing, etc... which sent me to the ER... well they did blood work, chest xrays, EKG, and CAT SCAN of my head... all normal.. ... (0 replies)
... pressure seems to be coming from the front mostly and achy feeling that lingers. ... (6 replies)
... eath. It was not burning, nor stabbing, nor particularly squeezing or heavy like the sensation of something pressing hard on the area. It was just plain strong achy pain. ... (2 replies)
... cardiac doc increased imdur from 60 mg . im am to add 30 more at bed time . now today Thurs. chest pains are d ecreased in amount of them. but pain is increasing on strength. and achy feeling isn't there all the time just sometimes . ... (6 replies)
... After my stent was placed I soon began to have symptoms. I went back in and the did an angiogram. The stented area had some scarring and was narrowed to 40%. I was told I shouldn't be having symptoms from that degree of narrowing. Went back in a few weeks later had another angiogram and area had narrowed to 60%. Again told I should not be having symptoms at that degree of... (14 replies)
... yes , was in the hospital after the stent , had stress test , but nothing showwd up , ekg was normal as well, just have this achy feeling unlying feeling can't quite call it pain but now it sort feels like it seems to go through towards my back too .they look at you like you are crazy . ... (14 replies)
... A few years ago I went to the ER with chest pains and a shortness of breath, anxiety, and was having panic attacks. My physician looked me over at the time, and due to my young age wrote it off as "anxiety". ... (4 replies)
... i am a 32 year old female, and for the last 4 years i have been having recurring chest pain.. right in between my breasts.. not a sharp pain,but this achy heavy feeling,the only thing that makes it go away is going to lay down for a few min.. ... (5 replies)
... There was a pressure pain freeling in the left chest area. It grew worse and then felt like multiple spams several inches below the breatbone. ... (5 replies)
... Hi , as of yet have not heard back from the heart doc . so far today only one pain but the achy heary lingers on ... ... (6 replies)
... sorry to say i don't exercise but I do run up the stairs , live on second floor of condo , it doesn't matter though i am out out breathe sometimes . i never know when it will happen .and sometimes the pain goes into the collar bone area but not actually the bone it self is underneath . i take celebrex , was taking vioxx, then bextra. i fell of a lader 2 years and broke my... (14 replies)
... I have this also from the last stent 12/2004. I also had a Cardiac MRI (requested this myself) one week after the stent and this test showed more what was going on with my heart than all the others I have had. I see a new cardiologist in 3 weeks but if push comes to shove...I can see him sooner in the ER room at a large University teaching Hospital. Women have to get... (14 replies)
... indeed , they can do close ups of babies 3-d in the the mothers womb called womb with a view , sure cost more , but they show more. think they could , perhaps thye do do something with the heart in the same way to somehow show the stents .perhaps they are to small. thanks for your input Blu :angel: (14 replies)
... If ONLY someone would invent an imager with enough resolution to get an angiogram or better quality blow up of the individual arteries WITHOUT cather or even stress test it would be wonderful. Perhaps the most useful medical advance I could dream of for the next decade. Getting close-up pictures of your stents with every annual physical; what assurance that would bring. ... (14 replies)

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