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... until he went into afibrilation and had to be taken by ambulance back to the hospital where they found he was not only in afib, but was also running a fever. ... (15 replies)
... Thanks to both of you for the words of encouragement. When I was in A-fib, I was so uncomfortable and I guess thats what worries me when he tells me I will more than likely stay in.....I can't live and feel like I am running a race! No Mel, he didn't change my meds. He said I wouldn't have to stay on the amiodrion for very long, but he felt I needed to stay on for a while.... (15 replies)
... I've been in a state of permanent Atrial Fibrillation for over 20 years. My heart, according to the EKGs, is always in a state of AFib, and will always be in a state of AFib. In my case, Digoxin is my medicine of choice since it prevents my afib from causing tachycardia, and it calms and supposedly strengthens my heartbeat. For me, Digoxin has very few side effects. The... (15 replies)

... Mileena Sorry you had to go through all that :( Hope all is pretty much OK now. Did the Dr put you on another med insted of the amodorin? I also had a Cardio Version for A-fib but I still have it. The Metoprolol seem to control it..I take 75mg daily. I also take Coumidan because they want to keep my ANC levels between 2 and 3. You will always need to take that as long... (15 replies)
... Well, I was in spent the last two days in the hospital. Had Cardio Conversion and was told that I probably would NOT stay out of A-fib. As a matter of fact my cardiologist told me that he expected me to eventually be in A-fib most of the time. He would just have to keep my heart rate slow so it would be tolerable, and stay on the blood thinner of course. This... (15 replies)
... Bailey God love ya--dealing with men and their health woes is really the pits. I know this because my husband has been dealing with his own heart problem since May of this year, which means, I have been dealing with this issue. When men become ill, they really take it as a personal defeat of their macho image. They are unable to work and make money to support their family... (15 replies)
... Early morning here Mel, and I haven't slept all night. I believe I am in A-fib. Fast heart rate, and sweating. I called my doctor around 1:30am and he said if I got worse I needed to go to the ER, but since I had an early appointment with him anyway I decided to wait. My heart rate was running only around 108 to 128, so I kept hoping I would convert on my own. Anyway, if... (15 replies)
... Mileena...I was lucky because once the Dr. got in there he was able to repair my valve but they also found a benign Thymoma tumor behind my heart. I take coumidan because of the a-fib. I hated it at first but now that they have it regulated I would rather be taking it and avoid a stroke than have to worry about it. I could not drive for 3 months. I have read your posts and... (15 replies)
... Thanks Mel for the encouragement! Did you recieve a mechanical valve? I am assuming since you are on blood thinners that you did. Can you hear it tick? I know I will get better in time. Every day that passes I feel more myself. I am ready to feel normal and for life to get back to normal. It also really bothers me that I can't drive for another couple of weeks. I see... (15 replies)
... :wave: HiGuys....I was reading your posts and I promise that it does get better in time. I had MVP surgery last year and I remember every day just saying 'Please God just help me get through this'. It seemed like when I hit the 3 month mark everything was more or less back to normal. I was on amidoron 600mg before my surgery to get my heart rate slowed down a bit then... (15 replies)
... I wasnt even allowed to consider the bovine valve, as my surgeon made all the decisions for me and I followed blindly. I know I should have been more involved with what was going on, but I was soooo sick! Now, the "ticking" sound of this valve is enough to set my teeth on edge! In a quiet room, even others can hear it. This morning, I am having a new pain underneath my... (15 replies)
... Lol, sorry again, bad timing - responded to your first post before seeing your second. 42! You're so young! I'm sure that once your recovery is really under way, you WILL feel better than you have in years... like you, my husband knew his was coming, but it snuck up on him too, and all those years it was creeping up on him, he was gradually feeling worse - years which... (15 replies)
... Oops, sorry Mileena - forgot to answer your question. We weren't told how long he'd have to stay on amio. He has to have a cbc panel and chest x-ray tomorrow which we think may be about amiodarone - no one told us that, just a guess on our part. He doesn't see his cardiologist until the 11th of Aug. He is also taking blood pressure lowering drugs (which he's never been on... (15 replies)
... Kris, I too, am glad to hear from someone else going through this. You said your husband is 36? I am 45. I have known for some time that I had to have this done, but it ended up sneaking up on me anyway. I am also taking coumadin(don't know if thats spelled right)its a blood thinner...and right now, that is my major problem. Every time I get checked they tell me it's... (15 replies)
... Mileena, We had the EXACT same reaction (amiodarone) when I had his script filled and read the info sheet that came with it. Thank you for your reply - although I surely wouldnt wish this on anyone else - THIS is what we need right now, just to talk to other people in the same boat. I hope all goes well for you. I have no idea how to PM on here or if you even can - sent a... (15 replies)
... Hi! Had Mitral Valve replacement on 7/16/09 and after reading your post about your husband, I went to check my many, many list of drugs my doctor has me on, and I am also taking Amiodorane! I looked up the side effects, as NO ONE in the hospital mentioned this or the long term effects it might have and I am freaking out!! Why wasn't I told? I don't pretend to try and... (15 replies)

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