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... Is it safe to go to a high altitude if I have a chronic illness like heart disease or lung disease? ... (8 replies)
... In general, I look at increased altitude as lowering the pressure on the body and thus releiving resistance on the entire vascular system. ... (7 replies)
May 6, 2015
... My question is has any one in her with BAV and regurgitation been at altitude and exerted? ... (0 replies)

... Well, as long as you are with family. you would be safe if anything did happen to you. go to ER. If I was with freinds, I wouldn't go. Have fun. (3 replies)
... my dr. said nothing to worry about since I don't have other heart probs. BUT I'm supposed to go to Lake Tahoe for a family reunion and am wondering how the high altitude will affect me. Will I be more likely t to have an episode at high altitude? ... (3 replies)
... r oxygen, a deficit of oxygen compromises lungs, heart, etc. There will be an increase in repiration and heart rate to compensate. May be detrimental depending altitude and one's condition. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Ken, Altitudes less than 5 miles above sea level usually is not a problem...A gradual ascent to Denver (mile high) would provide a safe reaction as it gives the system time to adjust. For some perspective, oxygen easily passes through lung membranes into the blood at sea level. High altitudes (lower air pressure) makes it difficult for oxygen to enter one's vascular... (7 replies)
... Hello- I was diagnosed (finally after 4 years of feeling strange) a year and a half ago with Supraventricular Tachycardia (is that what you refer to as SVT?). It isn't severe enough (yet) to have drugs or anything like that. But I was wondering if anyone has advice or experience with SVT and high altitude. We are looking to buy land at 4500 ft elevation, and the day we... (1 replies)
... Does Altitude Affect Blood Pressure (0 replies)
... How does altitude affect high blood pressure? ... (0 replies)
... how does altitude affect high blood pressure (0 replies)
... I did ask my GP and he thought it would be OK since altitude sickness usually happens at 8,000 feet or above. But he's not a cardiologist... ... (3 replies)
... Yes, it does. May be problematic at 7000 ft. for some people. (1 replies)
... does high altitude effect blood pressure (1 replies)
... A problem at the altitude you describe wouldn't be any problem if your heart rate and blood pressure is under control and no respiratory problems. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for the comments. I wonder whether carrying a small bottle of oxygen would be beneficial (if oxygen is permitted on airlines), considering that Santa Fe at about 6800' is not all that extreme; or whether a compromised delivery system could still lead to a deficiency. (7 replies)
... year old on medicine for moderately high blood pressure will be traveling to New Mexico. Anyone know whether a change in altitude from sea level to an elevated area affect the blood pressure and if so, how? ... (7 replies)
... I have LVD and a fluctuating BP but have not had problems with altitude. At 10,000 ft I was certainly aware of the difference but just slowed up.You should be fine especially as you are driving and not flying so the ascent is gradual. A friend with severe heart problems finds he is fine as long as he drives to Denver but cannot tolerate flying. (8 replies)
... I had an appt with my cardiologist this middle of next week and it was canceled until the latter part of October. I have LVD and Afib. We were planning a trip where the altitude is around 5000 feet. In the last two days, my blood pressure has suddenly jumped up while walking shopping with my wife, and another time about an hour after going through 3 sets of lifting... (8 replies)
High altitude
Sep 14, 2002
... I had to cut my vacation short because of the altitude. This has never bothered me before. I could not brush my hair without being short of breath and my heart beating strong. I have 2 heart valves that are damaged. They were moderate and severe and now they both are mild. Could this mean they are getting worst? Has anyone heard of heart damage from Redux getting better... (3 replies)

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