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... that explains the vague statements I'm seeing in some of the articles about the recently halted Pfizer drug trial that there may be such as a thing as "bad" HDL? ... (5 replies)
... Part of the treadmill exercise is to time (post exercise) the recovery from peak time. Time is an important factor to judge physical fitness and that helps separate fitness condition from medical problem. You can search this forum for "EKG" and locate the post where I month or so ago went into detail regarding EKG testing, its parameters, and signifcance for each wave... (2 replies)
... Please read my post under HIGH CHOLESTEROL Board on my opinion of low carb vs. low fat for Heart Health.....Comments most welcome as I'm as confused as everyone. ... (0 replies)

... end of this month. I have never had any major health problems, never even really been very sick before. I eat healthy, excercise regularly, don't smoke, drink as much as any other college student, and don't do drugs. ... (4 replies)
Scared as Hell!
Aug 21, 2003
... to Spain, but now I struggle to walk a couple of miles without pain. I have a new baby on the way and don't want to leave it fatherless, does anybody have a clue as to what is wrong with me to ease my mind? ... (4 replies)
... I want to try Passionflower & Hawthorn? Anyone use them? I have anxiety/fast heart rate/impatience, & these palpitations cause me to feel very nervous. Spoke to my cardiologist (all heart tests/blood tests are fine & ONLY risk factors as 50 yo male as of now is dad's history & my stress/anxiety level) & he offered beta blockers or to just "live w/ it if you can". I can but I'd... (0 replies)
... Aspirin and Clopidogrel is fine as far as I know. ... (4 replies)
... left ventricle is reduced. The heart's ability to supply the body with blood decreases, and blood backs up into the lungs. This would be congested heart failure as the lungs fill with fluids. I experienced that and you do not want to go there. ... (4 replies)
... s, and it has become more and more upsetting to me that they are suggesting a possible 5 year wait before doing my valve replacement. I dont think I need it now, as I am asymptomatic, but I dont want to wait until like you I am short of breath. ... (4 replies)
... I am 44 yo female. I was diagnosed with AS about 18 mos. ago. Valve replacement was immediately recommended, but I have elected to do nothing at this time. ... (4 replies)
... is a regular EKG where you lay down and they hook you up all over your body to a machine for a couple minutes just as good as a treadmill test? ... (2 replies)
... That articles states "Pfizer's decision to abandon torcetrapib throws into question the theory that using drugs to raise good cholesterol, known as HDL, will benefit patients. Some scientists worry that the drugs cause the body to produce a form of HDL that may actually be harmful. ... (5 replies)
... Just take it as one piece of the puzzle, that is a good sign at least, but not the full picture. ... (4 replies)
... but at least I am not as panicked as I was. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks. So SVT isn't as serious as a heart murmur? ... (4 replies)
... hi, I can relate very well to what you are experiancing... I had an ER trip a couple weeks back for the same reason and am also a smoker but have since cut down as well. At first the DR tried to blame it on anxiety which I found insulting since I know the difference. ... (7 replies)
... Yes, I've chest discomfort as well as other symptoms. I don't know it was my chest problems showed or the side effect of "Persantine"! ... (4 replies)
... interprete as a heart damage? ... (4 replies)
... or stress. This is real, the 'thump' I am feeling is real, not imagined as some would say. ... (7 replies)
... Hi MHossa, To give some perspective, HF is the heart's inability to pump adequately a blood supply to meet system's demand for oxygen. A-fib can stagnate blood flow in the receiving chamber and cause clots and impede the the amount of blood getting into the pumping chamber. The consequence is not enough blood is pumped into circulation and virtually heart failure. ... (2 replies)

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