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... ow and I am stalling, thinking I should feel a lot sicker before subjecting myself to a major procedure like that since many, many people have digestive problems as a result of the surgery! Consensus is that the major pain attack in June was caused by a stone that was attempting to escape from the GB. ... (4 replies)
... Like a heart attack, angina pain can involve the chest, neck, jaw, shoulders, arms and back, but it is relieved quickly by rest, or sometimes by medications such as nitroglycerine, and no permanent heart damage occurs. ... (5 replies)
... About 15 minutes later, as the headache grew in intensity, my upper jaw began to hurt, right at the point where the lower jaw hinges with the upper jaw. ... (4 replies)

... at times very infrequently through out the day as in comparison to feeling them very pronounced one after the other continuously all day as before while on the meds. However, my rhythm is not going back to normal on its own. Does it usually take a long time? ... (2 replies)
... Good news from the doc, I believe that medication is Atenolol ...a lot of people take it, it's a in class referred to as beta blockades, or better know as 'beta blockers' .... ... (6 replies)
... in chambers, the upper chambers, and the lower.... an arrythmia generates itself in the upper or lower area of the heart..when it comes fromt he upper area known as the atria, it is called a suprventricular tachycardia...When it comes fromt he lower chambers, the ventricles, it is known as ventriuclar tachycardia. ... (13 replies)
... tors will cause you no anxiety to have..they make you feel comforted.. You will have one of three different kinds of monitor..these are basically the same thing as getting a EKG. No pain, no ... (20 replies)
Pvcs anyone?
Dec 24, 2017
... I have completely cut out caffeine as it does aggravate from time to time. I am under tremendous stress as I am a charge nurse and as such am constantly under pressure. ... (4 replies)
... get home from work, you REST for awhile. Talk this over with your family and explain what is going on and what you need to do. That won't last forever, but even as we age, we need to alter our routine. Be aware of what you feel and what is going on with you and be considerate of your own needs. ... (3 replies)
... imes it would come on randomly and other times it would come on while exercising or if I was stressed. Because I suffer with anxiety I always put it down to that as o know anxiety can cause chest pain. ... (2 replies)
... art started a couple weeks ago. I found that when I exerted myself, i become extraordinarily out of breath. Even more pronounced was the "burning" in my lungs, as if I had been working out in bitter cold air. ... (2 replies)
... I paid a visit to my gp as I had been feeling slightly 'unusual' in the weeks prior to my visit. I could feel my heart racing, erratically, and it would fade in and out over a week. ... (4 replies)
... d but 3 hours later my heart rate was still bouncing around. He then did a EKG and some blood work and said it all looked fine and to follow up with my heart doc as he felt something wasn't right. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry to hear about you having been diagnosed with CHF and AFib and now you are diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. You are lucky, so to speak, with having those serious health problems and having no symptoms! I'm 71 and I've had CHF and permanent AFib for 28 years. I suffer from all kinds of nasty symptoms, both from the health problems and from the medications. Even... (18 replies)
... me to ly down for sometime and i was given some energy drink to drink then he told me to sit in the fresh air for sometime but i was not fylin stable i was fylin as if beats are returning to normal and then again it goes up. ... (6 replies)
... nvert. I had the burns to prove it. Not fun. After that I went entirely to decaf and cut way back on my drinking. The club business was fading out so that helped as I pretty much quit playing music. ... (0 replies)
... I've been having PVCs since my early 20's I am now 55. They have been a lot worse lately so I'm going back to the dr, wearing the holter moniter right now, I think this is the sixth time. My PVCs get worse when I'm not active or when my stomach is upset, I tend to burp more when I have them. Does anybody else have this problem? (8 replies)
... Hello all. I am an OCD and GAD sufferer. I, as many other people who have these disorders experience heart palpitations. ... (8 replies)
... ere I couldn't breathe at all some nights. Issues where my heart would suddenly just jump out of nowhere and hurt a lot. It was like nothing else. I dismissed it as being my obesity. But it would last for a long time. And keep me up at night. ... (2 replies)
... use I was having some chest pain. The first echo I had was elevated so my GP advised me to not do any physical activity. I was also told to see a pulmonologist as most PAH is caused by breathing issues. ... (51 replies)

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