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... I thought I'd try to begin a thread on the very important issue of collateral circulation as it realated to cardiac survival. ... (8 replies)
... disorientation that she has since written off to bad circulation. In recent months she has begun to take a single baby aspirin everyday in hopes that it would increase her circulation and prevent these episodes. ... (3 replies)
... possibly. In my case gravity and an improper vasomotor response makes my blood pool in my legs and hands. That leaves less to get to my brain when standing. Aspirin won't help me, so it's possible that it's not really doing much to help her either. I also have low blood volume which contributes to low blood pressure. ... (3 replies)

... dogrel versus aspirin in patients with prior cardiacsurgery. ... (47 replies)
... there was, in fact, a statistically significant benefit of taking Plavix plus aspirin for those who have heart disease. ... (20 replies)
... of people in the general population do not get clot prevention from 81 mg. aspirin and many cardiologists are beginning to recommend 2 x 81 mg. aspirin as minimal. ... (9 replies)
... I took blood thinner and aspirin for one month after my bypass. ... (6 replies)
Taxus stent
Jun 19, 2005
... shazz, You DO know, I'm sure that the TAXUS STENT was recalled in rather large numbers last year. This was based on last Summer's news. I think an angiogram is in your cards. Did you have GREAT angina relief right after the procedure? When you stopped the Warfarin did you continue daily aspirin? Like 325 mg.? Were you ever on Plavix? Is the pain identical to what it... (7 replies)
... Thrombus...clot of blood formed within the heart or blood vessels due to slowing down of the circulation or the alteration of the blood or vessels. ... (8 replies)
... Take it easy and take your aspirin til you have your heart checked, no matter WHAT they find with the G.I. If your GI man says stop the aspirin, get a new MUST rule out angina first! ... (10 replies)
... Does she get dizzy/lightheaded when she stands up? Ever fainted or came close to fainting? And how does she feel if she has to stand in place for a while? Has she seen a cardiologist or neurologist? Blood sugar thoroughly tested? Thyroid? Lots of questions, I know. :) I have low blood volume, low blood pressure, and neurocardiogenic syncope. It causes a lot of... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the response. It's something she has lived with for the better part of her life. She also says that she has an uncle that suffers from the symptoms, indicative of it being something she is predisposed to through her family. I admittedly don't know everything about the situation, but I do know that she has seen a doctor in the past to no avail. After the failure... (3 replies)
... Get on a program for lowering your cholesterol to superb levels amd take an aspirin every day if you don't already. ... (15 replies)
... He should continue to exercise on a daily basis to the limit of his cardiac ability to get as much collateral circulation as he can to help his heart get good blood flow around present and future blockages. ... (19 replies)
... Hi Caroline, What might be your situation: Microblockages in your arterial circulation would show up as pain and discomfort on a POSITIVE plain stress test and EKG BUT then these would be invisible to an angiogram (actheter) which looks for LARGE artery blockages. Your next step sounds like it should be a nuclear stress test which will show any area of your heart that... (11 replies)
Numb Hands
Sep 22, 2006
... Make sure to take your daily aspirin and don't over exert yourself during this "test period." Maybe tell your doctor what you are doing...or not as you choose. ... (7 replies)
... I take plavix and aspirin together and it helps my circulation quit a bit. It doesn't give me the side effects like the blood thinners did, but for me it works just as good. ... (2 replies)
... It works in my situation as the medication lowers the heart's workload and increases a more efficient output. The workload is decreased by dilating the vessels and reducing excessive fluids in blood circulation, etc. And with the help of medication to strengthen heart's contraction, it has enabled the heart to pump more blood/oxygen with each heartbeat thereby reducing... (12 replies)
... Shoot, blufairy, How AWFUL to have to wait for that stress test til November. You have pretty straightforward symptoms of a blockage. Please take your daily aspirin (make it 325 mg.) without fail and bug your doctor to move up that test. If you are not on a beta blocker, phone your doctor today and insist on one. Explain the situation to your cardiologist and make him... (4 replies)

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