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... dependent on the meds. so, i'm really hoping that the ablation can happen and i get off the meds, and this awareness of my heartbeat stops. ... (12 replies)
... oves, i can visibly see my pulse in my neck and it's very strong to feel. when im lying down i can feel my chest shake with each heartbeat. also can feel in tips of fingers sometimes. this went on for a week or so and then eased off for a couple of weeks. ... (0 replies)
... I have exactly the same thing. Healthy pulse rate and BP, but the sensation of a strong heartbeat throughout my body. Do you see your stomach and neck pulsate with each beat too? ... (9 replies)

... Anxiety can result in an acute awareness of the heartbeat. This acute awareness only causes more anxiety. It doesn't hurt to go to your doctor to have things checked out. ... (2 replies)
... i can also feel my heartbeat most all the time. ... (12 replies)
... I am always aware of my heartbeat. Drs have told me that you shouldn't be able to feel your heartbeat. Huh? ... (12 replies)
... what is your heart problem? and what meds do you take? (12 replies)
... re is nothing to be alarmed about. The weird thing is that no matter how low my pulse is, it seems to squeeze hard when its pumping and that is why I can feel my heartbeat so much. ... (12 replies)
... Thank you very much for the reply red herring. Definitely, after I released my stress, it seems everything back to normal for last several days, Thanks God. Today, I counted my heartbeat and the result was 70 beats/minute during relax time and no more palpitations (awareness of the heart beat). Once more thank you very much sincerely (2 replies)
Pulse Awareness
Jul 1, 2003
... or high blood pressure. I took it for 2 days then didn't take it for the next 2 days. I now know you're not supposed to go on and off it. Anyhow, after 2 days of being off of it, I took another one and went out for a Saturday night of partying. I drank a lot of beer and smoked a lot of cigarettes. ... (2 replies)
... nope, my echo came back totally normal, too. they usually look to make sure your heart is "structurally sound" with those, looking for any growth or functioning abnormalities. sounds like we have pretty much the same issue at this point, though. every time mine beats, it feels like it's squeezing hard, so i feel like that's why i can feel it all the time now. crazy. i will... (12 replies)
... I think they meant the heart looks good like no muscle damage and good veins fast rate is usually caused by abnormal electric path way no really meaning your heart is bad just firing wrong (12 replies)
... p having it done please write back and let me know how it went. It sounds scary but I have heard that it is not that bad at all. Usually people aren't even aware of it being done. On both my echo and electrocardiogram I was told that my heart looked really good so it is a bit confusing. ... (12 replies)
... it was just the once that i know of....i was in the er for an unrelated matter and went into a-fib, took about four hours for mine to go back down, too. then they put me on metoprolol. when i tried to wean off of that 2 months later, my heart rate started getting elevated again, and the cardio put me back on bystolic and has since referred me to the EP to see if i am a... (12 replies)
... a.m., for a total of four hours, and I was told that wasn't too long a time. Other than a few seconds of my heart flip flopping I haven't went into it since. I am aware that it could definitely happen again and at any time. If the meds work...great... ... (12 replies)
... but sometimes just feeling it makes it difficult for me to relax and get to sleep sometimes. Once you're put on these types of meds I believe you're on them for the rest of your life. ... (12 replies)
... Lack of exercise would not be the cause, my SVT started when I was 16 Iam very fit, I do cardio 2 hours a day and play alot of football. ... (13 replies)
... which HE said was as sign of a healthy heart, meaning it wasn't having to work hard. Just ironic because I've always thought I've had a loud heartbeat. ... (9 replies)
... however you are too young for that too be the most obvious cause. You should look up "Costochondritis" on the Internet. It is an inflammation of the rib cartilidge that can cause severe pain especially if you press on it. ... (5 replies)
... if your heart beat is slow and regular what you're experiencing is awareness of the heartbeat. you don't require any tests at all. if you were aware of an abnormally fast or an irregular heartbeat that would be different. ... (5 replies)

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