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... I was wondering if anyone here had ever had a problem with using beta blockers or had some knowledge regarding beta blockers and severe edema. ... (25 replies)
... Have the RAI and cut down on the size and functioning ability of your thyroid. Then you will be in the position that a lot of HYPOthyroids are in, lots of TSH floating around with nothing much to do? ... (25 replies)
... Both surgery and RAI are contraindicated when the pituitary is what's causing the problem. With surgery, the thyroid grows back and will keep growing back no matter how many times they remove it and if they don't get the whole thing with rai, it'll grow back too. ... (25 replies)

... Yes, "pbaskin" Beta Blockers CAN and do worsen any Pulmonary problems. ... (1 replies)
... high limits is going to do much good, and probably a LOT of bad. ... (25 replies)
... Basically beta blockers are vasodilators which process always causes some fluid leakage...have you developed a cough? ... (25 replies)
... To answer your question square on: I really REALLY doubt that your beta-blocker is contributing to your edema. That would be antithetical to the way beta-blockers work. (25 replies)
... or something along those lines. My thyroid causes tachycardia, arrythmias and an increased cardiac output. ... (25 replies)
... I don't think that the RTR syndrome pertains to you at all. From my reading it is a condition where the BODY refuses to react to thyroid hormones and thus appears hypothyroid even in the presence of adequate or high thyroid hormones. Your body seems to react only too well to thyroid. ... (25 replies)
... yperthyroidism which is not caused by the thyroid itself. It is a form of inappropriate tsh secretion that simply put, just means that my pituitary is mucked up and doesn't know when to stop telling the thyroid to keep putting out. ... (25 replies)
... It's where parts of the body do not respond properly to the hormones. It's almost always partial and the majority of people who have it aren't even aware of it. A person can be hypo, hyper or completely euthyroid. ... (25 replies)
... although they DO have some diuretic properties and thus are of some benefit. ... (25 replies)
... If I have pulmonary edema, should I be taking a beta blocker? ... (1 replies)
... Was reading this thread tonight and hope you don't mind if I jump in here! ... (25 replies)
... mg. atenolol, 5 mg. norvasc and 80 mg. ... (25 replies)
... n sulfa but everything I read said it is not likely to cause an allergic reaction in someone who is allergic to sulfa. I checked cause I'm allergic to sulfa too and that kinda bothered me when I saw it. I have been taking the lasix since the end of march and not run into an allergy problem. ... (25 replies)
... Any idea by what mechanism the betas do cause edema and whether or not it's dose dependent? ... (25 replies)
... Yeah, I was talking about the thread on the beta blockers and edema. I just don't know how far to pursue it. Just looking for thoughts cause I'm feeling a little lost right now. ... (4 replies)
... I like your bedside manner. Direct, confident and caring. I imagine you don't hold and rub your face in your hands very often? ... (25 replies)
... day in a single dose and see what it does for your edema. ... (25 replies)

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