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... Just curious about the effects of beta-blockers (specifically Inderal) and pregnancy. My goal has always been to be off all meds (which currently is only Inderal) when I get pregnant. But just curious about the effects of these on the fetus if I still need to be on it. (I'm not pregnant another year or two!) (0 replies)
... Can I ask why you both needed a beta blocker during pregnancy? ... (42 replies)
... of you for letting me know you used atenolol during your pregnancy.I now have much more hope that I can do this. I have been doing alot of researching on the web and all I can find are category C medications. It is so much nicer to hear people actually used a medication and everything turned out great. ... (42 replies)

... my story...I have had many medical problems over the years, but was just diagnosed with Mitral Valve regurgitation 2 months ago. I am 35 years old with two kids and would like to consider another pregnancy. ... (7 replies)
... In canada, the beta blocker of choice in pregnancy is labetolol. ... (42 replies)
... Is there a beta blocker that can be taken during pregnancy? ... (42 replies)
... Did you have pregnancy induced hypertension, or did you have hypertension prior to being pregnant? ... (42 replies)
... minimal activity. I have been seeing 2 cardiologists. I just saw one of them on March 5th and he gave me the green light on having a baby. I just have to change my beta from coreg to inderal though out pregnancy then I can switch back to the coreg. ... (42 replies)
... I have been reading your posts and am new to the board. I too, have recently been diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy. ... (42 replies)
... I have now by typing in the medicine first and then category B. I found out that the medication I take Coreg is a category C. So I will most likely have to find a new beta blocker to take. ... (42 replies)
... I have mixed feelings about this perinatologist I saw. I don't know what to think now. He didn't tell me I couldn't do this but he said there are risks with ever pregnancy and my case was just slightly higher a risk then someone who has no conditions. He said from a medical opinion no one should ever be pregnant. WHAT? ... (42 replies)
... Thank you so much. I am going to do that right now :) (42 replies)
... As far as meds during pregnancy go, you'll want to go on "catagory B" meds. These are the safest for pregnancy. ... (42 replies)
... you should have no problems but you will need to stay on some kind of medication though pregnancy. That is what I have been told. And Coreg is a wonderful drug. ... (42 replies)
... I was also on Atenolol during my pregnancy, and everything worked out fine! ... (42 replies)
... int abbygirl! I probably should have said Ontario...the guidelines here suggest methyldopa as a first line agent to bring down high blood pressure in pregnancy, and labetolol as a second line agent. ... (42 replies)
... I took Tenormin 100 mg. throughout my pregnancy. 41 weeks later, my healthy daughter was born. She is now 16 and has been in the gifted class for years, plus she is beautiful and normal. I also nursed her while taking the Tenormin! ... (42 replies)
... who's now three and there were no complications with me or the baby and he is healthy and normal. Hope this helps. ... (42 replies)
... go figure!! I finally typed in the name of the medicine and then "category B" and found a pretty good site. Amazing, but "The Pill Book" lists almost everything as being dangerous for pregnancy, but they don't list it by category either. ... (42 replies)
... Yes, I'm still here!!!! I usually check in everyday and see what's going on with everyone. Nothing new here. My last echo in August showed no improvement.... ... (42 replies)

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