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... hs ago, I had another light bulb moment, and found out that hiatal hernias can trigger palpitations. I started treating them the same way, and son of a gun, the palpitations are virtually gone. I get an occasional flutter, but the warm water trick and maybe a couple of antacids makes them go away within a day. Knock wood. ... (23 replies)
... Do you get a racing heart? I had anxiety as a result of a heart problem called SVT (superventricular tacicardi). I never actually had panic attacks, they were actually SVT attacks. I felt my heart race and thump around in a weird pattern though it never actually "skipped a beat" according to EKG. I would feel a weird buzzing in my chest before the racing. I also had a lot... (2 replies)
... I know that everyone experiences palpitations sometimes. So is this something that a lot of people get? ... (2 replies)

... Impressed by your record!! I have had heart problems of a serious nature since the 1980s. Conquered AF ( amioderone) but getting very tired and weak. See my profile. I am 65 and have been quite active. Would like to exchange ideas on bloating, fatigue and persistent coughs. (0 replies)
... So for about six weeks now I've been living this nightmare.The heart palps eased off...but I get occasional bloating with trapped gas which makes me long as I'm passing the gas I feel okay. ... (13 replies)
... I too am no Doctor but it is a fact that people with a tendency for palpatations are affected by bloating and pressure that can overstimulate an already hypersensitive electrical system in your heart. ... (2 replies)
... -i would be willing to bet the farm that it is one of the two. Either 1)costoclavicular syndrome/anterior scalene syndrome - TOS components or 2)hiatal hernia. --do a little research on these two. both are amongst the leading causes of E-room visits with concerns of heart attack. do you have any gastrointestinal irritation that accompanies the pain. both can... (8 replies)
Any thoughts??
Jun 6, 2006
... t seemed to make any difference in either my stomach bloating or other symptoms. ... (0 replies)
High heart beat
Jan 31, 2014
... I did an operation in my stomach for reflux 3 years ago and from that time I have been having problems like bloating (I really got very fat from thin), fatigue, hypertension and sleep apnea. Since my blood pressure is a bit on the high side now I tend to check it every day. I have noticed from several months now that my heart beat is always in the range of 110 to 120 and... (0 replies)
... Three months back I started experiencing episodes of palpitations where I could feel my heart pounding very hard in my chest and shortness of breath. ... (1 replies)
... hi I have been having some very erratic heartbeats,like there is an extra beat or it is missing a beat.Also i feel very bloated and unable to take a good breath in.My stomach is also making gurgling noises too,like it is wind.Anyone else had this kind of thing?I am panicking a bit ,so going to see the doc next week.The heartbeats only start mainly when i lie down in bed.:( (0 replies)
... Gas/bloating can cause palpitations. If you can feel your heart skipping a beat, then yes it's a palpitation. No big deal. Everyone gets them every now and then. (2 replies)
PVCs and GAS
Jan 4, 2003
... This is from my response to Matty about causes of palpitations: Here's one that may not be too common--bloating from gas in my lower ribcage...I have irritable bowel syndrome, and when it's really acting up, I get mucho PAC's which often lead to at least one SVT episode during the bad spell. (2 replies)

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