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... mselves for the next contraction. The information you are reading is the computer's interpretation, which is only an estimate and often inaccurate at calculating QT intervals. I would wait until you hear back from your doctor before thinking you have a prolonged QT interval. ... (2 replies)
... Hi. My EKG have numbers that according to some sources show that I have bordrline QT. (HR 86/min; RR 695 ms; P 94 ms; PR 132 ms; QRS 88 ms; QT 364 ms; QTC 439 ms) It also says SINUS RHYTHM, NORMAL EKG, UNCONFIRMED REPORT. What does it mean? Can my pregnancy affect the results of my EKG in a way they should not be considered real? Thanks a lot, sampo2. (2 replies)
... Hello all, I am a 45 year old woman and have had benign PVCs since early adulthood. Many EKGs/holters over the years but nobody was ever the slightest bit worried. Last year I had a routine EKG that showed a prolonged QTc (489) My doctor sent me to a electrophysiologist who got a reading of 461 and said not to worry. My most recent EKG (last week) had a QTc of 469. I am... (0 replies)

... Mid 40's male with Sleep Apnea/Hypothyroidism/GERD and Degenerative Disc Disease. Had two Nuclear Stress Tests previous most recent 24 months ago. All normal. Recent EKG came back Borderline Normal with Poor R Wave progression V2-V4 ST Elevation also present Probably Normal Varient. Act rates were Vent rate 69bpm, P duration 114ms, QRS duration 90ms, PR interval 172ms, QT... (0 replies)
Long QT
Mar 27, 2001
... ms be long, borderline long, or normal? ... (2 replies)
... Hi. Thanks a lot for your answer. My cardio said it is ok, she didn't pay attention to the numbers she just measured the Q waves. Anyway she put me on a holter monitor and sent me to an echocardiogram. The echo found I have a PFO and the holter results I don't know yet. Regards, sampo2. (2 replies)
... on the graph is the atrium, QRS are for ventricles, and QT is the time required for completion of polarization and repolarization. ... (2 replies)
... How can my EF lower so suddenly or my QT intervals be at one end with prolonged intervals on one test yet another test it will be too short QT? ... (0 replies)
... So, I have an appointment with the cardiologist Thursday! Hopefully I'll get some real answers then. I went to my GP today and saw the nurse practitioner. . .well that was of no real use. she told me to take an ativan if i needed it and to see the cardiologist. i guess i kind of expected that. she did do another ekg and the results were similar, but she said a bit... (4 replies)
Symptoms of POTS?
Mar 20, 2010
... (3 replies)
Symptoms of POTS?
Mar 18, 2010
... I'm a 25 year old female and have been struggling with lightheadedness for the past three months. It's non-stop 24/7. It's also accompanied by intense tension headaches and pain in the back of my neck. I have gone to the doctor several times and they insist that it's just from anxiety and they sent me to physical therapy to help with the neck pain. I've had all kinds of blood... (3 replies)
... I had an EKG done yesterday. I requested a copy from my doctor. On the EKG report there are several things listed. Any help interpreting this would be great. Sinus rhythm. Poor R wave progression-probablr normal variant Borderline EKG Vent. rate 82 bpm rr interval:731 ms (1 replies)
... my ecg reads qrs 104ms qt/qtcb 396 / 371ms pr 164ms p 114 rr/pp 1128 / 1130ms p/qrs/t 65/ 2/ 24 degrees to be honest with you i would'nt have a clue what it meens but i do no that it is a normal reading for me.even though ive had 2 heart attacks and a by-pass operation .but i do know that in the uk if you've had a ecg done before and you do go into hospital with pains they... (2 replies)
... Hi Susie, Why did you originally visit the doctor? Without seeing the EKG, I'd not be overly concerned about this but you definitely need to see a cardiologist to rule out any more ominous problems. As per what the last person told you to do...if you have a possible heart attack, the proper amount of aspirin to take is two kids' chewables, or crush a regular adult pill. (3 replies)
... Do I need to be alarmed by these results of a EKG test? My family Doctor detected a heart murmur with a stethascope, ran an EKG with the results being Abnormal. 39 Caucasian Female Vent Rate - 70 bpm P Duration - 100 ms QRS Duration - 90 ms PR Interval - 132 (3 replies)
... I had cervical spine surgery two weeks ago and in my pre-op they did an EKG and said it was a little concern. I'm a 55 year old female. I'm taking it to my Doctor Friday but I'm being impatient wanting to know if anyone knows what any of this means: Can anyone share a similar EKG ? Sinus Rhythm normal p axis, v-rate 60-99 Borderline Left axis Deviation QRS axis (-15,-29)... (0 replies)
... Don't understand the borderline on the Axis. What can cause this? ... (7 replies)
... Hi New here - just been to docs and got this back - Vent. Rate: 87 bpm PR interval: 130 ms QRS duration: 80 ms QT interval: 332 ms QTc interval: 356 ms P/QRS/T axis: 67/25/22 RV5/SV1 amp.: 1,86/0.68 mV (0 replies)
... Vertical Axis unusual for age, Late transition. Probable early repolarization pattern. Borderline ecg. ... (1 replies)
... I posted my EKG results a few days ago, but I wanted to be a little more specific. It is as follows: PR: 150 Msec Sinus rhythm QT/QTc: 406/413 msec P:QRS-1:1; NOrmal P axis, H rate 64 QRSD: 98 msec -horizontal axis for age P axis: 28 (2 replies)

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