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... I posted an earlier thread about this... I'm looking for someone who has info on Tachy-Brady (Brady-tachy?) Syndrome. Oh, I'm 37 (was 28 when all this started), active, non-smoker, healthy. I've been tested for possible thyroid probs and will get results this week. When I was pregnant with my son 9 years ago I began having these episodes. From out of nowhere (almost always... (6 replies)
... I have brady, tachy and fib. I'm interesting about your thyroid prob. Do you get palpitations during your sleep or resting on bed? ... (6 replies)
... Hi Jules, The "P" wave is the electrical output that specifically activates both the left and right heart's upper chambers. Following the p wave is the "QRS" wave (spike) for the left and right ventricle electrical impulses for activation and represents duration as well. A short P wave or P to Q interval could indicate there is an abnormal or extra pathway or pathways... (6 replies)

... Hi Pika! :wave: I'm going to my cardiologist in April. I'm hoping they'll set me back up with a monitor again in hopes of catching my events. I have a friend who's a nurse in a heart cath lab and she's the one who suggested possible Tachy-Brady to me. When I spoke to the nurse at the cardio's office, she said that it's possibly a thyroid connection and not truly a... (6 replies)
... My worry is that my doctor is checking for an irregular heart beat. I know based on my pacemaker log that all my tachy has been sinus up until this point, but I've still been experiencing symptoms since it is happening so easily now when I begin to exercise. ... (0 replies)
Heart scan
Feb 9, 2008
... Sounds like you need a holter monitor ( records your electrical activity). A scan will only see the structure of the heart and will not monitor the heart beat itself. Could be Sick Sinus Syndrome ("brady-tachy arrythmia). (1 replies)
... a 4 second pause on holter is significant. your family history of heart attacks really isnt related. Look at your heart as 2 systems plumbing and electrical a heart attack is a problem with the plumbing an arrythmia is a problem with the electrical. sick sinus syndrome or "brady tachy" is an electrical problem, where the heart races ( 133 is high) and then pauses for... (1 replies)
... Now I've brady, tachy and Fib. I asked a GP, he told me that all my beats were artifical beats. I'm very upset. I want my natural beats. That's why I can't tell what is what? ... (15 replies)
... I may be maker a bigger deal out of this than I should. When I was pregnant with my son 9 years ago I began having these episodes. From out of nowhere (almost always while resting), my heart felt like it stopped (actually felt like someone slammed a book on it) then it felt like it was racing to "catch back up". I know it sounds weird.... Anyway, it continued periodically... (14 replies)
... ECG would appear a "P" wave, also calls "delta" wave. Some wpw wouldn't show this wave on the ECG. Get the holter or go to ER let them catch one. I think not all the wpw would feel a rapid heart rate. Before my "His Bundle Ablation", yes I had a lot of palpitations. After the ablation, I wouldn't feel any palpitations. Cardio said I still have my wpw pattern. Now he... (18 replies)
... If changed to 60bmp and below these numbers would quadruple, he would have likely close to 2500 brady events for a total estimated 18 hours. ... (0 replies)
What could it be?
Apr 14, 2012
... Hello Everyone, Sorry about the length of this post. But perhaps some history will help.After 20 years of suffering migraines with aura, in 2007 I became extremely debilitated. My friend and I were rearranging furniture in my house, bringing big stuff up and down the stairs; I really overdid it. I started feeling unusually exhausted from that day on and a week later... (0 replies)
... Hi Leela, I really do understand, because I felt just as you do. I saw three cariologists. It was years before researching anxiety led me to the knowledge that in anxiety states, the para-sympathetic nervous system can become, and remain dominant; think of this as the para-sympathetic nervous system getting ' fed-up' of putting the brake on , during tachycardia. It is... (10 replies)
... Your bradycardia (low heart rate at baseline) is likely due to either the Atenolol or possible episodes of second degree heart block, since you have 1st degree block known. This will show up on your 30 day event monitor if it is happening. Of interest though is your baseline low blood pressure of 90/70. You may be experiencing orthostatic hypotension (when you stand up) with a... (16 replies)
... It sounds like you have a prolonged PR interval > 1.0, which is referred to as a first degree heart block. That is a delay in the electrical impulse thru the AV node.That in itself is not a big deal, but you may be going into a second degree heart block at the times your pulse drops to around 40. 39 is not a normal heart rate unless you are a very conditioned athlete like... (2 replies)
... Hi I have a pacemaker for tachy/brady syndrome I got it in Dec of 2005 ,I have not had any problems since then , You do not feel the pacemaker working depending on where they put it mine is on my left side upper chest and i can feel it in there but it does not bother me in anyway .It should help alot with your SOB and fatigue if you have that, basically it will keep your... (5 replies)
... Some people who have autonomic nervous systems issues can have both tachy and brady episodes, as well. ... (4 replies)
... Hello everyone, (I decided not to do a huge search on the boards, because I didn't want to read too many horror stories/side effects, etc. I need to give my RX a chance to help.) I've been prescribed 120mg Verapamil SR to help with PAC/PVC/Runs and Sinus Tachy. He said this was the lowest dose but I see that there are 40 mg (but not Sustained Release)..... ... (0 replies)
... Hi Pika! Well, just got back from the endo. I'm slightly hyperT but not enough to medicate. OH! I don't think I can go on much longer feeling like this! I'll have follow up blood work in 6 months. Plus, he wants me to have bloodwork, including a complete metabolic panel done the next time I'm feeling really bad again. He wants to try and capture what my body is doing at... (6 replies)
... Hi Julie, I have a PCD (pacemaker/ICD all in one). Normally, sick sinus syndrome can help by fitted a pacemaker. Medicine doesn't work well with that. About the fainting episodes, have you had your FBE (Full blood examination) yet? My GP said mine dizzyness (drowsy) of mine and chest pain could be due to anemia! I just received my Serum TSH result back. It is 1.29... (6 replies)

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