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... (8 replies)
... Several years ago I started getting palpatations. All my EKG's were normal. I had two Halter monitors which came back as having tachycardia druing the day and bradycardia at night. My doctor at the time said I could either go on meds, have a pace maker or do nothing. I chose to do nothing and lived pretty okay for years. ... (8 replies)
... so I try and take it at least 2 hours after dinner. I'll see how this new way at night has been working next Friday after my new blood work gets done. ... (5 replies)

... Thanks for the replies. It really worried me because even on the beta blocker my heart rate usually doesn't go below 80. I just got done at the cardiologist's office. ... (5 replies)
... Beware of the beta blocker at night because some people, me big time, get terrible insomnia from them. ... (5 replies)
... d him I didn't think that was best because I tend to react weird to medications. I also wanted to try other options first. He has me on Diltiazem 60 mg 2c daily. At first it was terrible, everyday I felt horrible, had chest pains, headaches, nausea..etc. ... (5 replies)
... that's strange to me because I take them at night because they make me tired. I guess they just affect people differently. But thanks for the warning. ... (5 replies)
... Yes, I too have had chest and back pains as well. I wonder though, if mine are related to acid reflux. The doctor told me not to worry about my tachycardia at the time, he said I was in the middle of the road. However, now it is getting worse. ... (6 replies)
Apr 7, 2008
... The doctor said Iam perfectly healthy and my heart is so healthy i could run a marathon. Recently I purchased a blood pressure monitor.....I have noticed that at night when I lay down for bed my heart rate goes to around 45..... ... (0 replies)
... or diet can cause Bradycardia, especially at night. ... (14 replies)
... t going away on its own, and I went to see a cardiologist. Again, I had been avoiding this for the embarrassment, my inexperience at 26, and because I literally had no money. Living in Mexico was a great experience and really helped my Spanish, but I never made more than 10k per year there. ... (0 replies)
... Wow can I relate. My dad died at 46 because of a heart attack. My mom has had atrial tachycardia ever since I can remember. ... (4 replies)
... since 5 days ,my pvcs are very bad specially at night, i not feel this number of pvcs since it start with me at 1974. ... (0 replies)
Any thoughts??
Jun 6, 2006
... at night when I was trying to sleep. ... (0 replies)
... Just found this board and hope it isn't too late to post. I have been diagnosed with bradycardia. My hr often resides in the 30's at night. ... (10 replies)
... starting March 25th. The last hypertensive episode I had was at the end of April. I never had any tachy events other than during one hypertensive event, which I would have expected. ... (16 replies)
... I started walking on the treadmill at the gym instead of outside. ... (16 replies)
... Not a racong herat, but actual premature beats, with the THUDS. I am having them now as I type this. Not just a few, then it's normal, but it lasts for hours. At first I would only get it at night when I was trying to get to sleep, it would last until I fell asleep and I'd be fine in the morning. ... (5 replies)
... like symptoms and if I have an angiogram or neck surgery it is critical the doctors are informed. My dad died of a heart attack at age 46 and my mom has had two strokes, making me concerned that maybe she has this condition. Does anyone have any info to share? ... (0 replies)
... med irregular. The slightest movement would make it beat real fast for a second or two and then slow back down just as quick. I didn't take the bisoprolol last night because my pulse was so slow. ... (5 replies)

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