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... G.P. sent me for ECG and chest Xray due to my breathless feeling.. ... (6 replies)
... and altho breathless managed 8 minutes. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you for the information. The breathless feeling I have during a palpitation is pretty quick, not long lasting. Take care! ... (11 replies)

... s very good at dealing with us when we have breathlessness. I do sympathise with you. It seems your cardiologist treated you poorly. Did you ask him why you were feeling breathless? ... (6 replies)
... Since stopping the beta blockers last Friday I am not as tired but breathless at odd times again. I dont think it is asthma related because I dont cough atall. I hope that you are keeping well at the moment. Thanks for reply. ... (6 replies)
... that I am taken off them and now breathless again and the next day at GP the blood pressure was up again....oy.... ... (6 replies)
... in recent weeks and have noticed that I tend to feel temporarily breathless or winded when they are occurring. They also seem to produce a small cough at times. I'm not sure if this is normal or sign of something more serious. ... (11 replies)
... it easy and we're hoping the artery will grow. something new has started and i'm not sure how serious it is. when he was singing in church on sunday he got very breathless and felt like he couldn't catch his breath or get enough air to sing. ... (5 replies)
... Godiswithyou -- Hello there -- Good for you for pushing for the cath, but I don't have much luck or know if I even need it. I'm 56 now and started having noticeable palps about 5 years ago. They were little blips at first, then as I agonized over them they got worse and YES, I would feel breathless and like I would faint (never did). I still get some on occasion,... (11 replies)
Short of breath
Nov 4, 2013
... Awakening at night with a breathless feeling that may be relieved by sitting up. ... (6 replies)
... their heart is fine. I don't think a lot of women are aware that a stress test often misses real problems going on with the heart. If you continue to have that feeling of someone sitting on your chest and breathlessness when climbing stairs I would look into further testing. This is coming from the voice of experience. ... (11 replies)
... Whats with the heart feeling like it drops to my stomach and causing 1 sec of breathless feeling? ... (4 replies)
... but lately they even seem to bother me more, because I get like a shortness of breath feeling with them. It's sort of only a momentary thing, like I will feel kind of a breathless feeling, like the breath is being taken from me, and then get a PVC. ... (8 replies)
... breathless feeling. Some of what you're feeling may actually be related to your gastrointestinal issues. ... (10 replies)
... fine. They did blood work and a chest xray too. I also had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours but had no problems. I am awaiting the test results now. I have a feeling because no one has called and the tests were done 5 days ago and with what the tech said, that everything will come out ok. But, I am very intune with my body. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Gingertea, Thanks so much for responding to my post. It is reassuring to hear that someone else has experienced something similar. I have never seen it described quite like this, so it was beginning to worry me. Does anyone else get this feeling? Thanks again, Jennifer (11 replies)
... I have aortic insufficiency and a thoratic anuerysm. I started having chest pains...tingling in my arm and fingers. Thought it was my ticker giving out. Well, my heart had gotten worse, but they weren't quite sure about the chest pains...the anuerysm would cause gosh aweful sharp or tearing pains and the valve should make me feel breathless. Well, I started taking prevacid... (12 replies)
... I fail to understand how the GP can be sure about ischemia going by ECG alone.. Also a cardiologist giving a plain stress test and completely dismissing possible ischemia suspected by a GP makes no sense. Elaine, I would rather have asked for a thallium stress test, for peace of mind.. (6 replies)
... Elaine, Did they give you a shot of radioactive "dye" before, during or after the test to show any areas of the heart that were ischemic (starved for nutrients.) If they did not, an ECG alone is not conclusive of "no ischemia." Plain vanilla stress and echo can be passed by many people who would fail the radioactive markker test or an angiogram. Does the... (6 replies)
... Oh believe me, I do know where you were and are coming from. I have dealth with health anxiety for many many years. And when I did experience panic attacks I would get a shortness of breath. This, though, is different. I do not at all feel anxious..but my chest feels heavy, I get dizzy, and cannot breath fully. It was even noticable to the techs preforming my stress test. I... (13 replies)

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