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... Hey, I've been seeing a cardiologist now on and off for 4 years, because of symptoms like palpitations, racing heart, extreme exhaustion after excersise, sometimes chest pains, paleness, breathlessnes, and the list goes on. Ive had millions of tests, ecg's monitors (up to a month) 3 echocardiograms stress test The doctors always say that my heart is going fast, but... (4 replies)
Help Needed Please
Jul 26, 2007
... Rani, I too have high blood pressure and have been on many hypertensives. I have suffered with shortness of breath for some time now. It came on suddenly and worsened over a period of time. Same as yours, with exertion, even without. Bringing in the groceries, walking, lifting..talking & brushing teeth. I have tingling & numbness in my left arm, unrelated to cardio, say... (7 replies)
Chest Pains
Mar 30, 2007
... and obviously if your feeling unwell and think theres something wrong then keep going back to the doctor. Do you have any other heart symptoms like tachycardia, breathlessnes or anything, because chest pains could be so many other things....could be down to asthma, plurecy, lung infection,.... ... (3 replies)

Very nervous!
Feb 13, 2007
... ough obvioulsy keep an eye out for it, just incase its to do with your heart! Is that the only symptom you were getting or did you get any problems with palps or breathlessnes or anything else? ... (8 replies)
... Hi, For the past few months I have been under the care of a cardiologist for various symptoms with my heart. I have been having random episodes of tachycardia (up to mid 200's), but not often, and a high resting pulse. I have been avoiding excersise as I have felt that that brings these attacks of fast pulse and also fatigue, palitations, brathlessnes. I jsut want to let you... (16 replies)
... Solaray2, Thyroidism is a common health problem, more so for women. The thyroid regulates body functions and heart pounding (palpitations) could definitely be associated with hypothroidism. That condition combined with medication plus the body's other chemistry could cause the current symptoms. It seems to me a heart disorder is ruled out considering your healthcare... (5 replies)
... Hello kenkeith, ""First abnormal test & then normal is somewhat disconcerting!"" Yes I agree. Because of the 2 conflicting test results I went ahead with Myocardial Perfusion Scan per my cardiologist request. ""Has a thyroid irregularity been considered?"" No. I never considered that. (5 replies)
... I believe ultra sound (echo) technology is incorporated with the stress test. The difference between echocardiogram and a stress test is a perfusion scan with and without exertion. The array of tests have almost ruled out any heart malfunction or structual abnormality. First abnormal test and trhen normal is somewhat disconcerting! Has a thyroid irregularity been... (5 replies)
... Hi Penk, Thanks for your reply Sorry I left out that I also had an echocardiogram test - 1 Suspicious for possible scar/ than 1 Normal Yes Inhalers definitaly effect my heart (I get palpitations and gittery feeling) Wouldn't be surprised if it stresses out and weakens the heart from long term use. (5 replies)
... Welcome to the board Solaray2. I noticed an echocardiogram was not listed in your list of tests. See about getting one. An echo looks at the heart size, how the valves are functioning, how much blood is being pumped from your left ventricle to your body, called an ejection fraction. A 55% or higher EF is normal. If you have a weakened heart muscle, the EF will be lower. ... (5 replies)
... Anyone w/heart condition having symptoms of: 1. Chest tightness &/or Chest pressure, 2. Breathlessness 3. Heart pounding from minor exertion What condition do you have? What are your symptoms? How was it diagnosed? With what tests? (5 replies)
... est tightness, palpatations,some dizyness and headaches... I am only 32yrs old.I used to be supper fit and now I can't walk up a hill without chest discomfort, breathlessnes and fatigue.Could all this just be the result of having a smaller sized heart or could there be another problem? ... (6 replies)

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