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[QUOTE=butterflytrans]Hey there... you said you've been tried on hydroxyzine right?[/QUOTE]


yes I am taking that anti histmine and prednisone on a daily basis. They have helped a bit, but not allot.

I saw a naturopath last night who also does accupuncture. She says that vaccines have many poisions in them that can take a long time to purge from the system (cells). She has provided Three toxin clearing products from the Unda Group, which I will take for four weeks. This is supposed to clear my system out. Then I will start a course of natural products to try and reset and calm my immune system down. I am kind of skeptical at this point as I have never dealt with alternative therapy, but am willing to try anything to stop the generalized pruritis.

I am also starting massage and accupuncture to reduce the stress this is causing and hopefully reduce the intensity of the itching with stress relief.

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