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is it okay to use vicoprofen if you have hep c? i use it for chronic headaches and the hurts. it makes me feel so good sometimes. i use 2 to 6 a day, sometimes i just skip days so i dont get 'addicted'.

ALSO has anyone done treatment more than once ?? With the peg / ribavarin? i did the 3x a week for 6 months, then off for 6 months cause i didnt respond. Then i did the pegasys 1x a week for a year, repsonded late, showed neg at end of 12 months. On the day i took my last shot i was sicker than any other time. was so sick I quit smoking that week too. still smoke free :). i got hep c from drugs/needle. i dont do drugs at all, quit over 8 yrs ago.
Now its 8 months later off therapy and it shows again, i haven't seen the lab results but they say i need to see specialist. So Im going to a new doc in january, due to insurance change. Im gonna have all my records mailed to me so i can see the info on all the blood tests. I'll prob be on maintenace therapy, which means being even sicker. One good thing about the peg therapy is i lost alot of pounds!! but as soon as i stopped i gained back more.
I am so freaking tired, confused, on wellbutrin, lexapro, in counseling for severe depression but no meds work and i wish i could be done with it all. i even think about suicide. anyone else going through this? will i ever feel better? im worried cause i have no job. considering social security disabilty but i hear its hard to get. i had a real good job but i quit cause it was too stressfull. I am lucky cause my family / spouse is supportive, but i still feel like i'm of no good to anyone. i just wish i could sleep all day. i take multi-vitamins too. ANY advice is appreciated. okay im done complaining.
also if u are on peg-therapy and u get sick try benadryl it helped me.

Don't know about Vicodin. Sorry to hear you did not respond so well. What genotype are you? Presume you are a 1A/1B as you were on tx regimen for 48 weeks. I am 3A, only partially responded to Rebotron tx for 6 months, waited a year then did Pegasys, and responded well despite a high viral load and elevated AFP. I avoid multivitamins/minerals, because they contain things that toxify the liver (iron supplements, gingko biloba). I seem to do quite well with just EsterC and VitE, a healthy diet (greens, fruit, pork, liver once in a while, dates, nuts, raisins, multigrain, etc.), a lot of exercise, even if I feel nausea or sickly. Also, I drink more water than I do off treatment. I just finished tx three weeks ago and feel tired now, but the drugs take months to clear from the system. I am very hopeful as my 3 and 6 months PCR were both negative, so I believe I will attain perpetual SVR.

It is tough to think positive and be happy when you have had negative results. I try to remind myself of the bright things that have happened in my life and that are happening while on treatment.

My weight loss is due to exercise, my appetite is so huge on Peg that I would gain if I wasn't running regularly, and being overweight makes tx less effective.

Good on you for quitting smoking, it is a really bad toxin and carcinogenic, we have enough of these things in our environment, no need to add to it.

Sorry to hear about losing your job, it can get tough, can't it!! When I get down, the best thing for me to do is to talk to someone who is sympathetic. I made the decision to let managers at work know I am on tx after 3 months in case my performance lapsed, but I am doing as much as anyone else and it is fairly stressful technical work. I find work and exercise excellent diversions from the monotony of sitting around listening to myself complain about my condition, the aches and pains and the dirty, yucky feelings. Contemplating this stuff only makes me anxious which makes me depressed and increases muscular tension and aching.

Hope you feel okay.


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