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[QUOTE=hamboney69]well ive had my biopsy and it wasnt as painful as i thought it would be the only thing painful was the numbing medication like when a dentist numbs your mouth for work on one of your teeth just a little scary. My results are in but i font have the whole picture for you yet i havent been to see the doc for all the results but i did get some stuff over the phone and am geno type 2b they have faxed all my info to the pharmisutical company and i am waiting on my meds now should be here in a week or so i will be on pegasus i have picked up a pegasist kit from my doc so now i am just waiting on the meds then i will take them to the docs and meet with him and my medicine coordinator and my nurse and they will go over all my test results and show me how to inject myself and to take care of my self during treatment i do have fatty liver but no hepatic masses in my liver or gallbladder once again when i get all the info on my test results i will post them for you all. I am not looking forward to this but i know it is something i have to do for myself and my family.[/QUOTE]

I don't understand why you are going to do treatment before you even know if you need to do it or not. That is the whole point of a biopsy.

You very well may want to treat and it may very well be the right decision for you. I would encourage you to be much more educated about both your status medically (the specifics of the biopsy resport) and about hepatitis C in general before you decide to treat.

There is time to do research, think over and decide.

This seems very rushed to me and sometimes I wonder whether good health insurance is always a good thing (of course it is!), since decisions are made so hurredly when there is a payor ready to cover the high costs.

What alternatives have been offered? If none, then the range of possibilities (and there are other possibilities) has not bee explored and that is a shame, in my opinion. I am especially concerned that you were not even in a fact to face meeting with a doctor to go over your results, the choices before you and to ask questions.

A lot of decisions are made based on philosophy rather than scientific knowledge. Do you know what your doctor's philosophy is regarding hepatitis C?
Will s/he fully support any side effects? Will they discontinue if there are serious side effects? Will they add more medications to support interferon? Did they discuss the risks of those strategies with you? What about any risks you personally have? What about loss of income, disability forms, etc? Will they help with those or do they believe that suffering while on treatment is all in your head?

You also may wish to increase your chances of success by getting into shape for treatment. This include any lifestyle issues that you need to address and to stabilize prior to treatment. Being fit is great, but also getting fitter, leaner, quitting smoking, stabilizing the home, career and relationship isues can make a huge difference.

You also have to decide whether this is the right timing for you. Do not assume you can work, run marathons or fully function personally or professionally while on treatment. Those stories are very rare. People do have limitations on them durting treatment. This may result in income loss, exacerbating troubles at home or in intimate relationships, with parenting. These are your personal factors and they are very important to consider. I know of no doctors who go over these issues with you and your family. You must assess these issues, along with those around you who are going to be affected. Six month is not a long time for an adult, but it can be an eternity for a child.

These questions are just the beginning of what you need to know. You are entering into a long term relationship that requires trust, honesty and a sincere effort to achieve an end. ASK these and any other questions you have. But, first, do the research necessary to know what to ask.

I hope this helps,


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