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[QUOTE=Divermon]I am wondering if anyone can help me understand if my liver levels are anything to be concerned about.

ALT(SGPT) 56 ( < 45 )
AST(SGOT) 27 ( < 45 )
GGT 96 ( < 75)
Bicarbonate 32 ( 21 - 30 )
Cholesterol 239 ( < 200 )
LDL 128 ( < 130 )
HDL 44 ( > 39 )
Triglycerides 332 ( < 150 )

Ok, before anyone freaks out.... I have hypothyroidism, which I am certain is currently under treated, which commonly raised cholesterol. With proper treatment, cholesterol generally returns to normal levels.

I have many symptoms, most of which are the usual hypothyroid symptoms, including severe fatigue, brain fog, raspy voice, dry skin, elevated blood pressure (currently under control with meds) and cholesterol, resperatory difficulties, etc. I also have a "new" low grade soreness in my lower back/side on the right side, that started the day after an MRI with contrast injecttion, a week ago.

So, it would be very difficult for me to tell you if I have any "additional" symptoms that could be attributed to the liver.

I do not smoke or drink alchohol, do not take any OTC drugs. I do take thyroid hormones, a small blood pressure med dose, and nexium.

Can anyone tell me if ALT and GGT seem high enough to follow up on? Does anyone know if these are normally elevated with hypothyroidism?[/QUOTE]

Hi Diver,

Not to trivialize your concern, but in the first instance I would say your liver enzyme numbers are not much to worry about. Almost anything can raise these scores, and yours are not so high. The fact that you don't smoke or drink means you are already taking the steps anyone would recommend if by chance you did have some liver something or other.

Second, accoding to at least one study I found,

hypothyroidism does indeed sometimes (often) play havoc with either AST or ALT. So, this might explain everything.

And finally, if you are worried about your liver, you might just ask the doc for routine hep a, b, and c antibody tests. These are simple and cheap. If any are postive, a further test would be needed to see if the hep was current (antibody tests will test positive for years, maybe for life, even if you were exposed once and recovered completely, so a different, somewhat fancier test determines if any infection is still active.)

I suspect the most important issues in your report are the cholesterol and especially the triglycerides. Exercise and portion control! Or, maybe these come down with effective tx of the thyroid.

Good luck with all.


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